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  1. Granted. But now you owe me a taco. Also I wish for chips and salsa to go with my taco. Granted, but the chips and salsa are made of compressed seaweed fibers and cotton strands. I wish Skyrim had superpowers.
  2. I don't have that much mana, but I do have some nice items. Anything specific you're looking for?
  3. Super high knockback and projectile speed on apprentice staffs is hilarious in PvP. Incredibly low projectile speed is also funny in PvP, as you can run backwards while leaving a trail of projectiles to follow. ;-)
  4. How much are you looking for on the second nosferatu?
  5. I'm interested in the "C" Nosferatu. Is there anything specific you're looking for? I have a nice Huntress Guardian, Huntress Animus, and Blasticus I'd be willing to trade, along with a near-perfect Mobile Moxie.
  6. Yes, it's pretty good. I'd say top 15% - 20% of party hats.
  7. If that's the real Mephisto from the pre-orders I'll offer a 123/90 Epic Electric Geier with 33 upgrades (I think it's worth quite a bit) and a Van Wolfenstein (29/5 with 4 projectiles and 33 upgrades).
  8. Agreed, a "speed boost" to the menus, or just flat out instant ones would be much appreciated. I can't think of any reason to keep the slow sliding ones...
  9. Granted, but the available colors are deep brown, brown, and light brown. I wish for more content. Granted, but the future content causes skin cancer. I wish that this wish will not be corrupted or otherwise changed. (What now!? :P)
  10. Depending on the swing speed, I'd go with melee damage all the way.
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