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  1. So today me and a friend were doing a mission on Chaos 1. Every so often, and by that I mean every 30 seconds or so we would randomly die from full health with no explanation. Then on Chaos 2 it was the same thing. A little confused we spent most of the match attempting to determine what was exploding and killing us. But it was so random we could never catch what was doing the deed. Until I noticed a plain old regular orc exploding and killing me from full health. Until I noticed my nimbus has "orcs explode for x% area damage" on them. And I had 10 nimbi built. And my world tree does the same thing to skeletons, presumably if they die in it's radius since in the previous mission that's the only defense we were running.
  2. Most accurate description of the new shard system I've seen without directly calling it the shard system. :) This is what I'm hoping for, but no details have been released. First. What is the PDT again? And Second. What will happen to heroes exactly? I've heard and seen some comments about things like "they can be both fighters and defenders" and even something about there being a limit on how many heroes you can have. I just want to be clarified. PDT. Poison dart towers. OP as all hell right now because poisoned enemies explode, causing damage to nearby enemies and also poisoning them. Causing silly chain reactions that clear entire waves with a single shot. Only made more powerful by the serenity aura effect that does the same thing.
  3. If they wanted to end PDT spam all they would have to do is balance it. This was not the reason the roller was introduced. PDT spam still works just as well, if not better since you don't have to deal with the majority of the other enemies in the land while dealing with the roller. They could also get rid of PDT meta by adding passives that bring other towers up to the level of the PDT. Make cannonball towers explode, causing bleed damage to everyone in the AoE. Make Fireball Towers fire two blasts with each shot. Explosive traps can cause a special fire effect on explosion that stacks and spreads to enemies that touch the infected enemy. Blaze balloons could turn into frost balloons that freeze enemies. And still set them on fire. Because logic.
  4. Sorry then, I didn't see everything.
  5. That's not what this thread is about. Everyone here can deal with a roller. That's not the problem. That problem is how they limit creativity and force specific heroes or play styles to deal with them whereas before you had the freedom to build how you wanted.
  6. Ground defenses need a buff at the moment. They don't have any useful passives. PDT's are so powerful because there are several things that effects them. Every defense needs a powerful passive you can spec into. Harpoons right now are pretty good because of splody poons. Frostbite towers increase the power of traps pretty drastically with the frosty power passive. But traps themselves? Nothing. Aside from a mediocre uber sphere. The main fact is though that on top of them being pretty weak, they're also so much harder to use because rollers.
  7. Okay and what about huntress traps? How about instead of insulting me right off the bat you read the entirety of my post?
  8. I know they've been out for a while. I know how to deal with them and they aren't that hard to handle. I know I may be beating a dead horse but I wanted to vent a little. The roller renders half the defenses in the game worthless. monk aura's, huntress traps, ev beams, training dummies. It's a bad design that forces you to play the meta even more because now you litteraly CAN'T use anything that deals damage by sitting in the lane. Huntress towers are all completly useless aside from the massivly overpowered PDT. In the early days of DD2 I enjoyed using geyser traps in conjunction with lightning aura's. I liked using Earthy knockup with AA towers. Oiling strikes with flame burst towers. There was a ton of variation. Now it's PDT and Serenity Aura. And you can't do anything else even if you want to because rollers instantly destroy half the defenses in the game. Why the hell even use a blaze balloon now? I can take them out easily enough. i can handle three of them at once. That's not the point. The point is they severely limit my options and creativity.
  9. I can't really read the purple numbers on magic damage. I would just like to be able to change the colors on them. Some games have customisable FDT colors. I would like that.
  10. If you know the name, you know what I'm referring to. But for those who don't, let me explain. Last night I finally found an upgrade to my level 17 legendary bow. It was only level 22, but it was still better. So I decided to upgrade it. 36 levels later, I had a nice, shiny bow. (which reminds me, there should be a toggleable option to make your weapons shinier the higher level you upgrade them. Until eventually you're walking around glowing so much you look like a small sun) Anyway back to the main point. I burned roughly 3 bags of items upgrading this thing to level 36. The majority of which were mythical. I thought to myself "Gosh darn, wouldn't it be nice if there were a dedicated upgrade item?" Basically, a Fusion core, or perhaps "Enchanting runes" is an item that serves no purpose aside from upgrading an item, but have a greater upgrade value than other items. Perhaps around Mythical or slightly higher, but below legendary. So how do we get them? Do you really want even more items cluttering up your drop tables? Well I mean I guess you could drop them like other items. In a recent livestream devs said they wanted to rebalance the economy, removing some value from selling items and shifting that toward missions. Enchanting Runes would have very little sell value. On top of that, one thing I notice they mention is the possibility of item rewards in daily missions. Well as well as that, why not offer them as daily rewards? You could offer them in bundles of 5 to 10, depending on the quality of runestones. Oh, quiality, did I touch on that? Whoops. Let me get to that now. Runestones (I changed the name again, the previous one sounded silly to me.) comes in varrying degrees of worthwhileness. Common runestones might have 50% standard enchanting power, but they are incredibly cheap. A bundle of 5 may only get you to level 5 or 6, but i'll only cost you 500 gold. Rare Runestone however might get you all the way to 18 or 19, burning 50 or 60k in the process. Optional: I just thought of this one. Like literally as I typed the period in that last paragraph. LEGENDARY RUNESTONES! Extremely rare. These little monsters do something totally different. There can be a wide array of effects. When used in enchanting, they don't necessarily give much more experience to the item, but they add something. You might have one that increases the level requirement by a few levels, thereby increasing the stats of the item by an appropriate amount. Man, wouldn't that be nice to have on my level 17 legendary bow? Maybe there's a runestone that rerolls the effects on the item into another class. Or how about one that adds a unique cosmetic effect? Like little birds floating around your head. Wait, now we're TF2? Weren't we discussing warframe a moment ago? No no, this is clearly D3, because you could also add sockets to items that achieve these same effects but in a removable reusable manner. It could also be possible to break down certain combinations of items to create some of these. 4 class rerolls and a knight sword combine into a specific class reroll token that can be used to reroll all effects on an item to match a specific class, rather than just randomly rerolling. Oh dear, we're getting back to tf2 here, and a bit of PoE while we're at it. Speaking of that, I mentioned gear sockets earlier. If Runestones can add sockets to gear what goes in those sockets? We have equippable skill spheres right now. By using sockets on gear, it gives a customisable and highly advanced way of equipping our skill spheres. My weapon has 2 small skill sphere slots, and my chest piece has a single large slot. With so many more slots, the spheres are much weaker individually. Rather than providing +roughly 320 defence power with a 3 spheres, you might have 7 or 8 giving you +50 each. Each piece of gear may have a slot on it, sometimes more than one. This means you can mix and match to have a bunch of stat increasing small spheres, or maybe a small number of large spheres that alter your playstyle more dramatically. It's random as to how many are on each piece of gear, and what kind they are. Though there is an upper limit to how many of each type you can actually have. (This would mean creating more and more large sphere effects, so this entire socket system may be pointless) Okay im out of ideas. /Rant
  11. I see that now kelebek. I went into game after posting to check it, but I was to tired to come back and edit my post to reflect my stupidity. I think the tooltip needs to be clearer.
  12. 2x? Im seeing 1% increased damage on boost towers right now. Granted my monk is only level 10, but still. I don't see it getting that high ever.
  13. Lucky for you, DD2 has grown up heroes with pants on.
  14. I assume the system in place is temporary, because right now every aspect of it is terrible. In general having to reload a whole new tavern just to select a level range is a bad idea. You should just be able to select and open up the different level range areas just by selecting a tab when you go to map selection. Of course when selecting a group you would still select a level range to search for a group.
  15. Well that's why I wanted cold element to be added. As of now the cold ray is just magic damage. It also brings up the point from my first post about how we need more diverse towers so as to add more elements and by extension more status effects.
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