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  1. lol servers cannot handle the load. I guess the marketing team is more effective than expected?
  2. If I start a public game, I should not be able to be kicked from my own game. If those who join dislike how I built, they should feel free to depart, I should not be able to be kicked.
  3. This is perhaps the best "State of the Game" post I've ever read on this forum, nailing the truth again and again, making me want to hit the 'like' button with every additional sentence. At this point it appears that the "NERF CREW" at Trendy is getting more stuff done than any other part of the company, and that effort is destroying the game. I bought into the game way back, and have been crying for defense range and defense speed since day one. Also crying for viable dps on base characters. And GIMME MY MONK AURAS FROM DD1 And GIMME MY STEAM GUN FOR HUNTRESS And GIMME MY AMAZING PETS FROM DD1 And most of all, STOP WITH THE FREAKING NERFS !!!
  4. This makes me wonder if the next change will be a method for rerolling the passives, thus the character lock, in exchange for gems.
  5. Roll it out when it makes more sense. Because for now it causes pain and frustration. On the list of things DD2 Needs, "more complicated loot" should not be on the list.
  6. What do you think you understand that they were trying to do? Because I only see this as making inventory management and gearing characters more complicated, and the RNG for gear in this game is already a massive pain.
  7. Post it to the new bug reporting system, since the game is not behaving as you want it to. Then post a link here to your bug report so we can all upvote it for action.
  8. File this in the new bug report system please, then post a link to it in this thread so we can all upvote it!
  9. Agree completely. The person who votes 'return to tavern' should be the only one who is ejected from the game, leaving the others to continue on their quest for adventure.
  10. https://twitter.com/TrendyEnt/status/789205401220808704 No bones about it: Tomorrow's Devstream is gonna be spooky!
  11. Thank you, this pet nerf has had me feeling pretty negative about the game, but your post made me smile.
  12. RIP Draco and BearKira. Now it seems the Gato will be the required pet.
  13. They want you to buy the pet booster, then pet leveling becomes trivial.
  14. Once again Trendy takes something that works and is used effectively ingame and nerfs it. Hey Elliot, what happened to no more nerfs? Hey Elliot, this is another one of those pain points for your long time players (Draco Nerf)
  15. I do not believe any of the pets are OP, instead I believe that most of the pets are so under powered as to be near worthless. I'd like to see the real problem get fixed, bring more legendary pets up to the Draco standard. Make pet DPS actually worth something outside of campaign easy mode. Make their abilities amazing. (Designers need to go back and play DD1 and DDE and relearn about pet damage, pet abilities, pet variety, pet farming, and bring that fun to DD2). Those who are new the game absolutely should feel slighted that some of these items appear forever out of their reach. A solution: perhaps Draco needs to be earnable as a challenging monthly once per year? Summary: Kill the NERF Hammer. Stop destroying things that work in game. Stop destroying things that are fun, and don't neuter my pet that I EARNED.
  16. I'd love to see some answers on the forum, where one does not have to wait for a broadcast event then pray to the RNG that a question is selected as being worthy to be addressed in the limited broadcast time available, then discover that the passives rolled badly and you got a 'we'll see' response to a question.
  17. Why do you keep screwing with the DU limits on the maps? Do you enjoy irritating us by breaking our builds? (Hey Eliot, this is what you call a pain point!) If we are not building the way you want us to, perhaps you should prebuild all the defenses for us, that way we don't do it wrong.
  18. Why should I, as a veteran player, be anything other than irritated by the decision to block campaign defender medals from being earned by the existing player base? If I start a new character and play through the new campaign, why am I not worthy of receiving the rewards? (Hey Eliot, this is what you call a pain point! )
  19. Well this is a truckload of negative publicity for Trendy. Remember that if you make a customer happy they may tell nobody, but make them 'feel' like they were treated badly and they will tell everybody. In my opinion Trendy needs to be paying more attention to how their decisions will make their customers 'feel'. And right now this decision has me feeling like somebody wants the player base to go play a different game. Details: I bought the game, and have over 1,000 hours of game time, and own almost every character type.
  20. Sorry about that! I'll try to get this updated by the end of the week. @iamisom Week/Month, same difference?
  21. I spent my "reward" on my old characters. I was going to play through the campaign with a new character (or several). But now I feel dis-incentivized (punished would be another word). I probably won't buy the characters now, and will go play a different game instead. Somehow I suspect that this reality is not aligning with the expectations of the folks at Trendy.
  22. And then it drops with stats that are not useful for the character type you wanted.
  23. Would you recommend just not trying to make more defenses viable in the live game? If things remained stagnant and the same, then people would probably still be just using geyser traps and lightning auras and quitting the game out of boredom. Make more defenses viable? Please do. Nerf stuff that works? No, please stop it. Nerf stuff that is fun? No, please stop it. If you don't want me to use a certain tower in a certain circumstance then make a new map that blocks that option. (ie. make a new map with enemies carrying overhead umbrellas or shields to make them immune to archer damage.) Geyser traps and lightning were not boring (and if you were bored with them you were not required to use them!), they worked, were dependable, could be understood, and did not deserve the nerf hammer. (same with geyser knockup and anti air towers) The two toughest bosses in the game are not being addressed in the patches: 1. The RNG. 2. The Trendy Nerf Team. And what happened to the commitment that Elliot made, no more nerfs??
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