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  1. Sweet count me and the other half in!
  2. Thanks for the giveaway!! :) #1 - Ball Blaster #2 - Celebracers #3 - Gaia's Last Gift https://steamcommunity.com/id/BizzNizz/
  3. could i see he maelstorm, waterfall and ocean as i might be interested in buying, aslong as they are traced :) steam names [VitaL] Bizznizz
  4. 5 Coobs on the pristine helm :P
  5. So not been playing for a while and seems I have missed a few events... So I am wanting to look to buy/trade to get my hands on some of the newer ones. last I remember playing the rewarded the crimson and sapphire blades...ish/thereabouts xD so any event items around that and later could I see/buy :D PS. I have to much in my bags when it comes to armour/weapons/acc so message me and maybe I got a piece you have been looking for! <3 Also final side note, I think a few things have changed in game like Acc drops new pets or something, if s
  6. Heyo people!! So being away from the game for a while I missed a few events... For now looking to get myself a trace ginger and cinnamon!! Must be trace, but have no idea on values as the spreadsheet I have for event values is quite outdated so please tell me your values of them or link me a newer spreadsheet. Have diamonds mostly non cap, cubes, coal and quite a few items that I'm willing to trade to get these guys :)
  7. Ok thanks! What sort of damage am I looking for with a sceptre? I've seen some 100k ones is that a "good" one or will less be good enough?
  8. Thanks for them tips but I'm usually okey with that wave I deal with the kraken and the missus goes for the the polybius/clone kraken. It is the wave where you have to defeat the goblin mech, demon, spider queen, kraken and deal with polybius spitting fire at us, that wave take upwards of 15-20 mins to for all the bosses. I'm using my dps ev with a 120k blaster rifle and 144k bucc bay gun with roughly 2k hero health 4k hero msg and 4k abil, witb a fairy pet She uses practicly the same just 2k sides and maybe 3k hero dmg with a 110k blaster
  9. Hey defenders! So I'm back from an on and off 2 year break. Have a bit of trouble with the polybius map, me and the missus have been trying it f9r a while now just on NM and don't seem to have the spa to beat the bosses on wave 16-17 I think... (the first wave in the second area) Need some tips or advice or even in-game help! Thanks in advance! :) Side note we can walk through it fairly easy on IHC
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