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  1. dont complain until you have anything to complain about, :). they are changing a lot of things regarding balance so its not possible say what will actually look like, wait and see, and if neccessary then complain :)
  2. just give bosses +50% hp per player in, but dont increase their number as it increases amount of loot for multiplayer for no reason
  3. i does feel very bad that trading 100 chaos 1 shards for one deadly strikes shard is still much better way of getting it rather than playing.
  4. Since I just saw this now (my previous response was an addendum to my last post), I'll respond a bit less like I'm frothing at the bit. The enemy damage multiplier definitely needs to go. In fact, the enemy health multiplier needs to go too. Multiplayer scaling needs to happen at the miniboss level. My builds against common enemies should be equally effective between solo and multiplayer. To elaborate, if during solo play we get 3 minibosses on wave 5, I would expect 12 minibosses wave 5 if playing with 4 players. Same health scaling as solo, same damage as solo, but the additional threats of
  5. Maybe it would be possible to remove all bonuses to mobs stats, and instead give them anit player dps armor, for exaple multiplying mob dmg taken from player by 0,6^x for every aditional player in game.
  6. The best thing about what i just read is that youre looking into shard drops and gold drop, as it doeas take forever to get one shard you want, and its very free player unfrienldy to make us upgrade gear with medals.
  7. so i upgraded my relics to 5k, but i drop only 4,3k ones on chaos 4 (same tiers comapred) while i still use my prepatch armor.
  8. could be javelin pierced through the wall and gone for the core
  9. So i did some c3 runs and i keep getting relics with around 3,3-3,5k (powerful and epic, didnt really see much myth and leg) those are around the same i wear, i tired doing c4 but i get there same loot, except i cant really do more than 3 waves, so what should i do exactly? do i need to get rid of prepatch gear? should i upgrade relics i have? is it worth to play with only one hero geared to the max? i would love to recive help from you guys.
  10. it would bother me if there were map specific rewards, since there are not its nearly all the same to me. though i think some of the trial "map packs" should be closer in build difficulity, for example throne room vs new glitherhelm caverns (cant remember name :)
  11. Im not sure why did you miss it dear trendy, but you need to realise that you added hard counterng mobs that do not have their own counters. the solution i propose is to add those counters each of the original four should have good counter for one special enemy every four chaos, for example second hero's defense countering chaos 2 enemy, chaos 5 enemy, chaos 9 enemy etc as much as much you add chaoses. so that having all 4 origianl heroes should let you counter all of the special mobs, and then each new hero should have the same counters however slightly differernt. for example huntress shoul
  12. Getting shard you need is absurdly difficult, it screams for a redesign!
  13. its good that you nerf op towers, im only worried that range shard still isnt any easier to get now, it takes forever, and would make a lot of things more viable ;d
  14. it says 870 bonus ap to my abyss knight ability, but there is no difference in damage, i even de equiped everything on two abyss lords, one with those points one without them and their abyss knight does the same damage! Please fix it.
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