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  1. I saw quite a few devs reply to this problem and they always say that to them nothing changed, personally I feel the same way like all of you but devs do seem to report no change :P.
  2. k thanks a lot guys, i assumed so but you can never really know before you ask :P
  3. It's probably common knowledge but I am not quite sure where is the better loot and the better wave 15/20 pets, NMHC with MM on survival or with Pure Strategy (since you can't put MM on PS).
  4. Hey I've heard that hacking and stuff is legal and w/e on open so I thought it would be funny to get these hacks that make my towers have like billions of damage and laugh my *** off but I can't seem to find anywhere how to do that :( can anyone help me with that, I know it's with the [REMOVED] but can't quite figure out how.
  5. Gotta say I feel like the quality of drops was lowered as well, i got to wave 29 in aquanos HCNM surv and saw through the run from wave 15 about 7 trans which is far less than I saw solely on wave 22 pre-patch
  6. it's 3 hours per character, even if you don't want to "grind" which it isn't imo go to the forums and instead of wasting 150m on armor buy 10 glitter runs for 150m and you'll be way beyond 74. now for the myth should be level req 71, what will be the reason to get to level 74 then? there has to be end game armor and offering it to casual players that spent about 5 hours to get a char from 0-74 is even too easy so just say thanks for that. WoW is an MMORPG and DD is an indie developed TD game... ye so? why is it alright to put 5 days+ in capping a character in one game but 5 hours in the oth
  7. Tbh I disagree, the spiders add a new challenging aspect to the hardest difficulty and with skill can be dodged. Imo skill based difficulty is needed in every game and this one is very close to it. When I concentrate enough no webs hit me so as I said I think they should stay.
  8. found a better way to make money xD, if you need runs badly i will still do it but am no longer endorsing this thread
  9. ok either add me on steam and ill take a look or post the stats as i edited the main post to explain
  10. thanks for the comments guys!, i am still running so if you need some add me on steam
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