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  1. I was just thinking: Wow! There's a lot of new posters today! Welcome, welcome new posters. :)
  2. Agreed.. Its kinda weird that it's packaged in the game as DLC when it's really a toolkit.
  3. Ah... so the icon is just a placeholder with no meaning besides "do something here". Confusing, but understandable.
  4. So.. These, are they supposed to be able to be read? If so, how? They seem like documentation, and I'd love to know what they mean!
  5. The DunDef Dev Kit is 2.5 GB because it includes ALL of our raw source media, everything we use to create the core game: the textures, animations (in Maya format), sounds etc. -Jer And that is why we (It's A Boat! mod team) love you.
  6. you will always have fanboys that will hang around the forums all day doing nothing but saying the game need nerfs, nerfs and nerfs. now, you got to do the math, how many copies you sold? now, how many people are saying it needs nerf and nerfs? 2%, 3% of player base? even better: how many people are COMPLAINING right now about those changes in this forums? do you have fanboys enough to fill forums with "OMG GAME IS SO BALANCED" now? is it better to have fanboys all day crying for nerfs becouse they are so awesome they can kill everything in 2 secs, or a real % of your community unsatis
  7. Or, you know, you could just play with people who aren't jerks. Problem solved.
  8. Sure the games addicting and fun, but it doesnt seem to have many peopel playing anymore... Prolly has to do with all the people spamming games and selling stuff for real cash, which the gms do nothing about. 4 players to a game with only like 30-50 games up... thats not many people There are upwards of 8,000 people playing this game at a time on Steam. For comparison, that's more than L4D2. For an indie game with 4 player per game multiplayer, thats great. Sample: 11,324 13,313 DC Universe Online 9,220 10,304 Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer 8,320 10,233 Dungeon D
  9. I finished it on Medium and Mom's Bow came out with good enough stats to last my then-lvl 16 huntress to 30 ish. The other three ended up just being for the lulz when showing my friends the game and the "ridiculously large weapons". I've since seen bigger. =P
  10. Heck if MW3 released nearly unplayable you'd see the same responses as you see here "oh shut up play another game". Sure, little bugs here and there are going to crop up, but anything that makes your game practically unplayable should be top priority for ANY developer to fix. And I would say having a bug that makes people crash this often is one that makes the game nearly unplayable. Game is not presently unplayable.
  11. It actually says they're player killers on one of the loading screens. Sounds good then. But even then, it shouldn't mean that their only function is to kill players. All mobs are gunning to kill the crystal, but they can also kill players and towers. If the DE is gunning to kill the player, it should still be able to kill towers and crystals.
  12. hey tsuda thanks for adressing the various complaints about dark elves destroying defenses without actually aggro'ing what theyre supposed to aggro - players. You presume the DE's are meant to be player killers. Where has any dev said that was their focus? Assume less, complain less, strategize more.
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