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  1. Oh, my. I thought that when you meant it was only barely reaching into ogre melee range I thought you literally meant it would only go a tiny bit in front of the minions (not the placement point the whole circle). These are much closer to the crystal than I thought. Thanks for the pictures, I'll probably retry this with that info.
  2. Most of my pets are okay. I do need to replace one of my summoners pets (a tiger with max 420 stats). His other pet might need replacing, but it's triple capped (Kobold) in tower stats but Tower Damage which is 211. EV's Kobold is capped in Tower Damage, and almost capped in Tower HP (just a few points off). Huntress has a Fish with 571 Tower Range, 548 Tower Damage, and 424 Tower HP with 185^'s. Aura Monks Kobold has 600 Tower Range, 600 Tower Damage, 507 Tower Rate, and 241 Tower HP with 32^'s left. Squires Kobold has 600 Tower Range, 550 Tower Damage, and 600 Tower Rate.
  3. I tried it again and I think I might need better stats. My minions got smashed by a few ogres. And I'm having problems with mobs sniping my top crystal after moving the minions a bit forward.
  4. Roses are red. Violets are blue. DDace is sad. Mace is bad. This is a waffle poem. This is a baffled poet.
  5. I tried to do that but with the range, I have on my traps I had problems getting them that far back. I would always end up getting the Dark Energy thing so I couldn't place them that far back.
  6. The build worked well for a while. But I noticed that the Spike traps would go low on HP very quick and I had to do a lot of maintenance on them. I might've needed to move everything up but they looked like they were in the same spot going from your build link. Do you shrink the traps at all/what's your trap range for that map?
  7. Cool. That seems to be a problem for some reason (they end up just ignoring everything and going straight for the crystal). But like I said I'll try it tonight and see how it works. Thanks. :)
  8. .org/net both make sense. Although I don't know if you would rather classify it as an Organization or a Network (.org and .net respectively).
  9. Would they aggro onto the minion wall instead of just rushing down my crystal? I can place a hint if you want to show where they always come from.
  10. You don't just stand there. What a "Hawk Only" Barb is, is it's a Barb that focuses on getting a lot of burst damage with Hawk Stance. Usually equipping 2 Steam Saws for the high amount of base damage. You do regular attacks when you cannot use the Hawk Stance, but almost all of your damage comes from using the Hawk Stance.
  11. I don't mean the bottom area (the bottom also is the part I usually have the least trouble with). Top side crystal. I always get an ogre coming from the north (looking at the map where no minions are blocking) and he always ends up smashing my crystal.
  12. How do you deal with the north side choke up top? That's where most of my problems come from. I'll probably add some Gas traps/Physical walls for there if I need to. Thanks though. :)
  13. I'll probably look into getting a better DPS pet before attempting to learn WW though (don't feel comfortable with a 12k DMG Seahorse). Yeah, that makes sense. Would bothering with farming skeletons be better than going for fishes? Nah, that makes a whole lot of sense. I didn't really expect to do Crystalline I was just curious. Mainly because I've seen/heard the Old One is extremely hard without knowing how the fight works and still kind of hard when knowing how the fight works (my DPS Monk would probably get squashed quick, though). Ah. Well, that's slightly annoying. Ok, I've known
  14. Item check please. :) http://imgur.com/a/9no4x
  15. I feel like I should make another post for this so people get pinged. Current Small Coal count: 60 Tbh, I only really want anything in top 4, but I'll go as high as I can (to hopefully ensure top 4 and maybe get a shot at number 1/2).
  16. Just a few questions. Would I be able to do WW/Crystalline without movement speed buffing pets? How many heroes would I be able to run for WW max? The Moonbase campaign pets you're referring to are mainly the ToT's, right? And for The King's Game, I always end up failing on wave 22 due to something (mainly an ogre) walking in and smashing the crystal, and whenever I put up EV walls for them a Sharken always seems to shove it. How do I stop them from shoving the walls out of the way and letting the ogres in? Thanks to you two for the input. :)
  17. I'll join on this. Looks like some great fun. Current Small Coal count: 16
  18. So I'm a little unsure of exactly what I should be farming currently. My current stats are: Builders [ ( Character) (Level) (Tower HP) (Tower DMG) (Tower Range) (Tower Rate).] Summoner, 85, 2722, 3531, 1866, 1887. Monk, 78, 2169, 2285, 2178, 1295. EV, 78, 2274, 2033, 904, 1200. Huntress, 79, 2003, 2132, 2000, 1253. Squire, 81, 1556, 2617, 1858, 1880. DPS [ (Character) (Level) (GResist) (FResist) (LResist) (PResist) (Hero HP) (Hero DMG) (Hero Speed) (Hero Cast Rate) (Hero Stat 1) (Hero stat 2) (Role).] Jester, 92, 81%, 75%, 78%, 75%, 1924, 1925, 1725, 2234, 1226, 0, Genie Swirler with a 10k D
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