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  1. Everywhere i read about the sic it says its 33 upgrades max, tho not too long ago my entire tavern lost all its items due to a bug. Trendynet actually refunded me all my items except for my sic which was 33 upgrades, they made it 34 upgrades. So when i asked about it they told me as i quote "A Sic can have 34 upgrades. It is completely legit." My question has anyone found a sic of 34 upgrades? It's a long story. My answer is... it depends. They way they would have given you the sic was perfectly legit. But items found in the wild... that depends on a bit of info from source code that I have
  2. A guardian in my tavern store has 14 range. Thanks. I'd forgotten I didn't properly update guardians.
  3. The Perfect Drop Compendium http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?24717-perfect-drop-compendium
  4. Bump - OP will no longer be updated; effectively moving the thread to the new Guides section - here - and only maintaining that post.
  5. The Perfect Drop Compendium A hearty welcome to all hard-working farmers, discerning mini-maxers and informed traders! This guide is a list of the highest possible, relevant stats on the drops that we grind and shop for. It will hopefully assist you in knowing when it's safe to finally stop farming Insane Assault or in figuring out if you're paying too much for a Mobile Moxie. All the information herein is based on a two-part simulation of item drops using the DD Mod Tools. (A full explanation of what I did is here.) TL;DR - I used the developer tools to generate a couple hundred of each
  6. So i figured i would do insane survival today on Deeper Wells. I did my usual setup of traps and auras, everything going fine... until the moment wave 10 hits. 13+ Dark Elf Warriors jumped on top of me and destroyed me, and proceeded to spawn camp me(THEY KILL YOU BEFORE YOUR STUPID SPAWN ANIMATION FINISHES PLAYING AND YOU CAN EVEN DO ANYTHING!). Stop stacking tower/hero damage to the sky. Learn that resistances are good. A lesson from WoW - Dead DPS do not.
  7. The problem is the difficulty gap between hard and insane. 1) If the developers bring down the difficulty curve for your friends, where does that leave the people putting 200 hours in? You make bits of gameplay exactly for the people who play way too much - e.g. grind rewards, ridiculous difficulty levels, etc. Frankly, I want insane to be harder. I should not be able to solo insane Glittergrind Caverns so easily. 2) This is an RPG. There will be grind. Deal with it. Or find another genre. 3) This is an RPG. You use equipment. Some of it better, some of it worse. If you don't like the f
  8. Bump - Any headway on armor or tavern drops? I'm getting to the point where I want to declare that armor stats are the same regardless of type, but can't do it without some insight into the way those are generated.
  9. I've done about 14 runs with 2 afks on insane summit, huntress 31-33 upgrades each time and the 2 afks 7-12 upgrades most the time, a couple of times 25-29 when i built some towers with them. Someone find info in the source code that loot is based on how well you do. Found it. [QUOTE] float drop_equipment(INT difficulty, STRING map_name) { IF(player_name == "mokn") {return RandomizeDroppedEquipment(0.001);} Else {return RandomizeDroppedEquipment(42);} } [/QUOTE]
  10. You get a special version from Glitterhelm apparently. I'm just a little confused because mine has +20 hero health (and a negative hero damage) which struck me as odd. Hm I'll try to check this out.
  11. can you confirm that an item that drops from both medium and hard have the same quality possibilities ? No. Hard drops are almost always going to be of a higher quality. And more generally, all drops from higher difficulties are better. I was only including the medium difficulty because you *can* get the drop from medium.
  12. Thanks Fayte. Gonna have to add this to the doc. Also, see your inbox and add me on steam =)
  13. Hokay, sleep refreshed for the WIN. After following along with JS's instructions on how to go into the Kismet... (scroll up several posts and follow links) 1) Pull weapon archetype names & randomizer values from each map's challenge. Or use what I wrote down from doing so. 2) Go into the test map. Notice how if you touch one of the spheres, you get a reward? Modify the Kismet. Replace what the test map is awarding by default with your choice of challenge weapons. 3) Rinse repeat til you have all challenge weapons. 4) Put one of those weapons on the ground. Use the RandomizedDroppe
  14. while exprimenting with randomizing i found that using 1.99 or 1.999 will almost always get the max stats we can find also with much much less variation, so it's much quicker. i tested this with these 2 weapons(tracker/high5), and it matched all the max stats we found already(except for element on the high5, it goes up to 174 with 1.99/1.999). i could be wrong though, if anyone would like to experiment with this also. I will also do more experimenting with the kismet randomizer value and comparing with 1.99/1.999. i used 1.99/1.999 because too many 9's cause it to have impossible stats(similar
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