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  1. Would you guys not? 150CV diamonds @Sir John please be my loan shark
  2. Dear santa, I know this is a late letter but i hope you will take my wish into consideration. This year i want a triple cap ++ clava for my tower apprentice, please. Like jesus christ i dont even need to farm it myself just let me buy this piece off fucking shit so i can finally finish my fucking shitty apprentice character. If it is not to much to ask, i would like to make a permanent name change of @Sam116 to GachiSam116 and @Escev to StepScev. Looking forward to the christmas presents me and my follow DD plebs will be given from you oho holy gachi-santa. Much
  3. Jodella hihooo It is ya boi, here to sell you stuff again. I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10) and diamonds (5,10,15). Events im not interested in all events, pm me to settle price for others than below: Final Patch: 200 CV Celebration: 100 CV New Patch Celebraton: 100 Celebracers: 90 Cinnamon: 80 Butterscotch/Lime Pie: 100 Ginger: 120 If some one has a ult++ apprentice staff with capping rate and damage, and 500+ range i will gladly have a discussion. Ending the auction Friday 27th(black friday), anti snipe and all that with 24h. I reserv the right to canc
  4. If this is sold, ad a [ENDED] to the title :)
  5. MrRandomGuy

    [WTB] Salem

    Sam u will not get my cats... stop it
  6. @Escev REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE forcing me to do something else then afk armor farm or akatiti http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065068950
  7. I feel like you havent posted the pictures enough, so im not sure i want to bid on this... Can you please post it a bit more for me? <3
  8. This auction is now over-finito Slide into my discord PM's to trade: MrRandomGuy#2276 My timezone is GMT+2/CEST. il be available after 17 most of the days.
  9. Auction will be ending 7hours from now. Adding anti-snipe with 10minutes
  10. 5Hours straight and this is the best i got... 5Hours i could had put into infested! Imagen all the troll ++ i could have had... Your paying me those 5hours back @Escev!!!! https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrRandomGuy/
  11. This depends on your own tavern settings. If im not compleatly misstaken setting to lock tavern drop is in your normal settings.
  12. WHATS UP MY D00DL3Z time to buy my stuff... I will auction all things below untill Sunday evening(9pm utc+1). I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10) and diamonds (5,10,15). PM me for value of events(if you'd offer that for some weird reason). Buyout for each ++ is 10cv(excluded the 419^ chain boots). I reserv the right to cancel the auction/trade at anytime would i not be satesfied with the offers. Current offers: Plate chest 311^ - 5cv Gyvexx Pristine shirt 270^ - 5cv KrayzFatman Plate boots 291^ - 5cv Escev Chain boots 419^ - 20cv Ke1ji++ Leather boots 397^ -
  13. MrRandomGuy


    I put it in Imgur for ease, Hope its okay Washy :) Infested Ruins: https://imgur.com/a/ZUy3aS2
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