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  1. If this is sold, ad a [ENDED] to the title :)
  2. MrRandomGuy

    [WTB] Salem

    Sam u will not get my cats... stop it
  3. @Escev REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE forcing me to do something else then afk armor farm or akatiti http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065068950
  4. I feel like you havent posted the pictures enough, so im not sure i want to bid on this... Can you please post it a bit more for me? <3
  5. This auction is now over-finito Slide into my discord PM's to trade: MrRandomGuy#2276 My timezone is GMT+2/CEST. il be available after 17 most of the days.
  6. Auction will be ending 7hours from now. Adding anti-snipe with 10minutes
  7. 5Hours straight and this is the best i got... 5Hours i could had put into infested! Imagen all the troll ++ i could have had... Your paying me those 5hours back @Escev!!!! https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrRandomGuy/
  8. This depends on your own tavern settings. If im not compleatly misstaken setting to lock tavern drop is in your normal settings.
  9. WHATS UP MY D00DL3Z time to buy my stuff... I will auction all things below untill Sunday evening(9pm utc+1). I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10) and diamonds (5,10,15). PM me for value of events(if you'd offer that for some weird reason). Buyout for each ++ is 10cv(excluded the 419^ chain boots). I reserv the right to cancel the auction/trade at anytime would i not be satesfied with the offers. Current offers: Plate chest 311^ - 5cv Gyvexx Pristine shirt 270^ - 5cv KrayzFatman Plate boots 291^ - 5cv Escev Chain boots 419^ - 20cv Ke1ji++ Leather boots 397^ - 5cv KrayzFatman
  10. MrRandomGuy


    I put it in Imgur for ease, Hope its okay Washy :) Infested Ruins: https://imgur.com/a/ZUy3aS2
  11. Ur right, i should had been more specific with what i meant. I do sincerely appologies for that! But yes, what Thales says basicly. Which if i can remember correctly, is also the thing most people mentioned regarding update 6. The emerald staffs is something id love to farm, but considering how they roll, and their droprate + that as far as i've tried, i need atleast 1 maxed wheel for the BIG ole wyerns. Which would be alright, if the pain of those + having a cupid boss are worth it. Currently i dont feel like it is, and i was hoping thered be a change on that.
  12. Just by looking at the text i already got one comment.... Shame Emerald City will continue to be a waste of time, map with many possebility's all thrown into the trashcan, brb while i go farm Akatiti. The rest looks interesting though.
  13. When reporting a player like this, if your in the DDRNG discord, post it in #Hacker-report We need more then his username, Take his steam 64ID... all i can think of rn
  14. Hello MrCookedGuy here. Keeping it short cause it annoys me.. Currently "0.9% Emerald staffs is Ultimate++" and "0.72% clavas is ult++" (uber short last sentence) Some differences... Clavas, can triple cap, Clavas/akatiti takes 9-10minutes to farm(semi-afk). But Clavas is 1/3 per character in... and theres a 0.72% clavas rolls ult++. Emerald Staffs, can double cap, has extra hero speed, is character based drop. Emerald staff/city takes 20+minutes to farm(with constant playing and wheeling).. and there is a 0.9% chance Emerald staffs roll Ultimate++.. --------------- Those are some differences i've noticed doing it so far(thank you for the math you smart people). I like that the staffs are going to right way towards outsorcing the Clava. With the extra hero movementspeed, slightly higher ++ drop rate and a possebility to double cap(Although i've understood it that they roll so poorly that youd have higher chance to get ++ Clava double cap then Emerald ++ single cap). But as one that still lacks a good ++ clava(Ya'll seen my current ones.. its.... bad). I can say that even though its on the right path, its not remotely close to get me to move from farming Akatiti to farming emerald city... The map(Emerald) is generally a pain the ass... Shortcuts that generally take longer then running to crystals, mini-djinns that deal buttload of damage and mega wyerns that requires you CONSISTENTLY WHEEL for the last 2waves(Including boss wave and when boss is up, if you dont kill it quick enough). Now to my cooked conclusion(yeah short one uh?), Emerald is a challenging map even for high endgame players... But rewards are NO... WAY... NEAR... worth the struggle to farm. I heard rumours the Staffs were getting a buff, making this map actually worth the time for players. Now i hear rumours that this is not going to happen which BREAKES MY HEART cause that means the map will go back to being as dead as it was before, and is currently... Which maps are worth farming is(ofcourse) Measured in effort vs reward... Emerald is 50times the effort vs Akatiti with not even close to 2x chances of a good reward, cooked math if you ask me? Makes sense? No? i guessed so... As of current, Emerald City is not worth farming for staffs vs Akatiti, there needs to be a buff on the Emerald staffs ult % for it to even be considerd worth our time.
  15. Neato Uber, I've still yet to underrstand with/without MM, This is what 42 runs has given me with Mixmode, working on the non mixmode numbers aswell. But only got 6 runs there.. Also, should be a punishable offense to take A PICTURE WITH YOUR PHONE OF YOUR PC SCREEN
  16. 5cv, going for that 8k TB
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