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  1. Jodella hihooo It is ya boi, here to sell you stuff again. I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10) and diamonds (5,10,15). Events im not interested in all events, pm me to settle price for others than below: Final Patch: 200 CV Celebration: 100 CV New Patch Celebraton: 100 Celebracers: 90 Cinnamon: 80 Butterscotch/Lime Pie: 100 Ginger: 120 If some one has a ult++ apprentice staff with capping rate and damage, and 500+ range i will gladly have a discussion. Ending the auction Friday 27th(black friday), anti snipe and all that with 24h. I reserv the right to cancel the auction/trade at anytime would i not be satesfied with the offers. There is a hidden reserve, if the price is not passed i will not sell. el item: el IC: https://imgur.com/NG5Hk5i
  2. If this is sold, ad a [ENDED] to the title :)
  3. MrRandomGuy

    [WTB] Salem

    Sam u will not get my cats... stop it
  4. @Escev REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE forcing me to do something else then afk armor farm or akatiti http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065068950
  5. I feel like you havent posted the pictures enough, so im not sure i want to bid on this... Can you please post it a bit more for me? <3
  6. This auction is now over-finito Slide into my discord PM's to trade: MrRandomGuy#2276 My timezone is GMT+2/CEST. il be available after 17 most of the days.
  7. Auction will be ending 7hours from now. Adding anti-snipe with 10minutes
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