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  1. 4Pictures of IC :thinking: 10cv
  2. its not that hard to remove them. and im afraid unless you do that, this dice wont go up in price
  3. I honestly dont see the problem lmao... 1. the 1600 cap.. you need more then that boi? ayelmao 2. dont play on ranked then? its rare that people give a crap if you play on open and cheat your way thru?!? if your playing on ranked system, you obviusly want to use the stuff you farm in some connection to players(since no one plays open but cheaters and people testing stuff). 3. You have absolutely no argument, your rude and your a cheater... Go play local if you want to cheat "with friends", host a hamachi tunnel, or just setup a VPN tunnel and cheat with them... dont get other people involved in something they dont want to do And yes i know im late to the party :)
  4. Just to be clear here.... You asking for tips/tricks on how to make a DPS apprentice, which is still strong enough to build maps? Questions... What difficulty? What lvl are you? and is it bosses you struggle with?
  5. Shame to see you go Senji, Hope you dont give away to much stuff so you have something to comeback to! :) Picture of the map we alllove and hate 1. Ginger + Cinnamon 2. The raimaker 3. Ult++ chain helmet 347^
  6. Congratulations you guys are the winners of the Ult++. Drop me a MSG on Discord or send me a friendrequest and we'll figure out a time to pass this on
  7. o/ First off... Thank you Chromatic for taking a hit for us so the shipping is "only" 30$... Secondly... i dont want your dirty DD2 gems, i dont play DD2 and i dont enjoy DD2. And i was in all honesty not happy with the kickstart offers giving people DD2 skins and rewards. since i got the understanding that this would be a "remake of DD1". Although i do see the marketing point off it... i do not agree! Now thirdly my real point... Am i the only one seing a semi-easy solutions? People pay 30$ for shipping(+ taxed inside country). Unless your in america, now this in doesnt seem fair right? So heres some solutions that in my opinion is possible with a bit of love.. 1. Give us something extra, a DDA pillow, plush pet? Something that sends us the message "We fucked up, were trying to be better". NOW, as mentioned in other peoples comments... NA might go "why do they get extras? not our fault they live in stupid EU/Asia or w/e", now theyre right... so what do you do?!?! You take what you gave us non NA peasants and put it in the store for 30$ - Problem solved 2. Upgrade the pledge. Alrighty, so some one pledged 75$? why not give them the pledge reward for 100$?(possibly excluding some extreme rewards). This would again, show us non NA people that you do still care about people outside of NA, and that you wish for us to get the things we payed for. Cause lets be real here... a Forum title, a Digital soundtrack or keys for DD2/DDA costumes/skins doesn't cost you shit. If NA people were to complain here... i only see the simple reason to say "well they payed 30$ more then you, pay up or suck it up" :-) 3. Last solution for now, is honestly a middle finger to the guys and gals recieving it for free shipping(i just want to put this up as an option, would not recommend it however). We pay 30$ for shipping they dont... Or do they? the solution to make it cheaper for uss is easy! You simply make NA pay 30$ for shipping aswell!, the money not needed for shipping will be spent on making the shipping cheaper for us non NA people! - Epic Winning Now, ofcourse this is to late... cause im voicing it here, so NA people will know, BUT this is what you could had done from the start. Now with my amazing solutions given, from what i've understood your post on here is that you took this goal: "Chromatic’s goal is for our team to remain independent and to be able to maintain a “player first” mentality. " And went "well... you know what? Players are annoying anyway, lets just make sum munaaaay" (i suggest reading that in Rick sanchez voice for a giggle). Reading the options that was given, i am again grateful that you take a fall for us to "only pay 30$", but the whole "Player first" mentality isnt there, if it was... you shouldnt have had this problem from the start... you should have informed us at the pledge that customs for shipping might apply and so on and so on. I am extremly hungover writing this, and since english isnt my first language, im about as bad on writing it as i am with my first language(ACTUALLY TERRIBLE, HOW DID I EVEN MAKE IT THRU SCHOOL?!??!!) So things being spellt wrong and sentences being weird/awkvard might come... Please do PM me what to change, and how to change it if you find something like this. Edit1: BTW please change so im not Junior Defender :( My mom says im a big boi... Kind Regards MrRandomGuy Cheers time to barbeque
  8. I agree, why give us the DD key when youl release DDA?!?!?... But im not saying that its the delivery date, im saying thats all we got to go on currently... i have a hard time seing that they wouldnt release DD1 keys before that
  9. Discord is a communication application... "The offical Dungeon Defenders discord" is is for DD2 and upcoming DDA, i've yet to see any relevant information for any one not playing DD2... There is a discord with a semi small community who plays DD1... you can find it at this link. https://discord.gg/Jf2xj7R, It is in no way affiliated with the official DD discord.
  10. Bump, Im adding Anti-snipe rule to the auction. bidding on 1 of these items will result in the auction being postponed 1hour.
  11. As stated in the Kickstarter pledge "Estimadet delivery OCT 2019" so as far as we know... thats what we got
  12. Hello Ladies and gents! As title is mentioned... im looking to auction off these Ult++ pieces, and sell or auction some ult/+ armor that i have in stock. (ULT++ will be auctioned, Ult will be sold, unless plenty of offers on 1 piece, i will then make an auction off it) I Accept, Events, Diamonds, Cubes, Coal (NOT MANA) Events: PM me for what i value(preferably with what you yourself value it aswell)and if im interested Diamonds: 3, 10, 15. Coal - Cubes: 8/1 I have the right to abort the auction and/or not accept the current offer if im not satesfied. * Im adding Anti-snipe rule to the auction. bidding on 1 of these items will result in the auction being postponed 1hour. * Minimum bid increase - 1Cv (for ult++) With that said, Auction for ULT++ will go untill Sunday 22:00 (CEST, GMT +2) Current bid: 50cv - Hans Joachim(NOR) Current Bid: 18cv - Senjinator IC: https://imgur.com/a/8nlZuFz . Gloves have been double checked by plane, hence why her comment is at the bottom, poorly censored to not give about details. If you have more questions about the gloves, feel free to PM me or Plane The other gear can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/YdQRJlC (Its a lot, so itd lag a lot getting it in the post) For the gear in the imgur, i will accept private offers, if you want to offer on it.. mention how many upgrades it is so i can be sure to find it! :) Edit1: For the other gear(if its possible) send me the specific picture of it. that way therel be no misstakes :) Edit2: Updating offers as we go Edit3: Added IC Edit4: Anti-sniping rule EDIT5: Auction over, changed tag and quoted winners of auction
  13. Value's of something are always personal. Obviusly he prefers to not be offerd noncap diamonds(cause they have no real use), Therefor the value of 3cv on them instead of 5cv =)
  14. Your right, thanks =) Glad - 4cv, MM - 5cv
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