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  1. Can't help feeling they have the the dailies and weekly's back to front ^^
  2. Am 100% behind you OP. This has been an issue for me for quite some time. My tower characters just aren't capable of dps'ing down those mobs that need to be taken down quickly. Even the huntress struggles to take out mobs in tower build. I counted a few times on a burrower......... 87 hits on average it takes her to take down one of those on nm4 (by which time another 2 have shown up and dug in). Made all the more difficult by the fact that she seems to change target to any other mob that happens to walk by.. My waller squire, even with his high health, just can't survive the ranged g
  3. Named mine Dunwich if that makes you feel better :)
  4. I liked the look of the pyromancer. Would love it to have a lava spray which when hit by water turned mobs to stone and those became temporary walls kind of thing going on :D
  5. I love the idea and, totally, towers should stay. Got no issue with penalties for characters swapped out of deck but, not really necessary in my opinion as only those in deck get loot or xp etc. Certainly from my point of view it would be great to swap out a tower guy for a dps when soloing.
  6. Those are the details we're going to figure out. What do you think? Should the towers stay? Should they disappear? Should we give bonuses or penalties for keeping certain heroes in your deck? This is the kind of feedback and idea generation that we're hoping to see from the community. If the towers remain, I think, it would satisfy the solo players who hate the hero deck so much (like me)
  7. What's the difference between a truck full of babies and a truck full of marbles ? Ye cannae shovel marbles with a pitchfork.
  8. Might work well with what you were discussing on the devstream about character synergy too :D
  9. I had a suspicion over a year ago that there would be a great number of new characters added before release. Probably even more at release than exist now in the original game. To that end I had this idea...... Each new hero would be "associated" with one of the original main characters (or later, one of the unlocked new characters). A quest chain along the lines of releasing parents from the CD would then begin requiring the presence of the "associated" main character to complete. Theme being sending the four heroes out to the four corners of the earth looking for allies to help in the war
  10. The monk one does appear to be the rarest. Finally got mine with the 2nd last key I had just a couple of days ago :)
  11. Confess I was gonna ask if anyone had seen a DH, HH, phys res and hearty yet. at any level. Just want to know they actually exist
  12. Ye been farming 10% pieces for a while now in preperation. got 2 in the bag already and, hopefull the loot change comes with the patch too so getting the rest won't be as painful as is just now. Will be nice to finally replace that ilvl 35 with 40% chest piece finally :P
  13. Ye also agree with OP. Was gonna make a post/ask dev question about this too. They're meant to be harder than normal maps after all, rewards should reflect that.
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