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  1. thanks for the amazing event, event team doing a good job as always cant wait for the next one
  2. welp I guess this is a good time to get back into dd :)
  3. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/98348089956686445/B8398B52D9616AD67DA18F03803DBD70400A8E98/ Ah my favourite dd memory definitely has to be the first time I defeated the ancient dragon, I tried many times then finally I managed to do it with my cousin, however I found out that I was doing it on easy mode the whole time lol.
  4. WOO haven't been on in a while this should be fun
  5. indeed earths are very rare these days and I doubt this auction will reach anywhere close to the value of earths I would have kept them personally
  6. ´╗┐my entries so far - http://imgur.com/a/5lO9e my other entries - http://imgur.com/a/R3BXx for a total of 9
  7. you need to be patient my friend and this is probably the worst time to close it as I see there is a lot of interest in the piece now
  8. There isn't any way of knowing if they competed the pub run imo post 2 screenshots for each entry one showing you explaining the event and the other showing you completed whatever level the pub was running
  9. sign me up :) The event looks pretty cool
  10. Why rng why I hope the list starts from the bottom xD I guess ill wait for a while to see what prizes are left
  11. woo took me a while to figure it out again haven't done it in a long time - And aquanos victory wave 30- http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/272840175090831565/565609411D4998C5C84FB2DB135047DDA183DC8B/ To show its in mix mode - http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/272840175090824464/CEFB640FC7361B909EB1932AD7DE76312001C6B2/
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