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  1. If only it actually dropped...I'm sitting at something like 4% droprate on Ipower 750+ armours or relics.
  2. As far as gold goes, the spheres could just be fixed for it so that they actually work. I was about to do heavy gold farming right before they were broken...
  3. Very helpful. I was occupied with my daughter and missed the stream.
  4. I imagine this will become a thing at some point, though I feel it may take them a while.
  5. It's active on the spot where the frosty tower shoots - so it's mainly meant for defenses like traps and lightning auras, proton beams, or the like.
  6. I've had them one shot sub objectives in Nimbus Reach and in Assault on the Throne Room (when they were nowhere near them). I've also had them one shot crystals after they died from near the spawn on the final round at least 4 times...
  7. I have a feeling that the types of projectiles that will be reflected will be based on different damage / tower types, and I hope that they can come in different flavours to counter different towers.
  8. Wouldn't it be interesting if the enemies could bring in stationary defenses that we'd have to clear before enemies would stop spawning? Siege weapons?
  9. I've found some success hitting character swap right as the last roller is about to die - this allowed me to get several items for builders so far.
  10. http://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Updated_Weapon_Drops I feel like the 750 drop rate is quite low (for Altar and Demon Lair), except for the weapons that are guaranteed drops. I have yet to see a ring over 690 for instance despite having done more than 20 runs of Altar of Athame (only 2 rings dropped period). I haven't done enough for the longer 750 maps to comment on them.
  11. Lovely job - Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays
  12. I just realized last night that I've been hitting rollers in the wrong spot with my monk...you have to stand slightly to the left of the weak spot. Hitting the right spot made Bastille defense and Bling King 3-roller spawn a lot easier instead of a stressful race against my barrier health.
  13. I've been filling my inventory with high ipower legendaries expressly for the purpose of whatever gear rework happens. I'm hoping it pays off.
  14. The only time I've disconnected was when my own connection wasn't the greatest (barring the superbugs of the past). I've been playing without a single DC since the latest patch came out.
  15. 638, but I did stop playing for several months.
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