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  1. I've pretty much quit, i dont necessarily dislike the content, but it was outshined by miles by Path of exiles new league, that and it just sort of feels like they added ascension V2, i already did that grind once, not sure why I'd do it again. I'll try again if a future patch peaks my interest, DD2's concept is great but time and time again the execution seems a bit strange to me.
  2. Basically path of exile mapping and leagues adapted to DD2. Currencies become crafting materials to craft modifiers onto maps we then play, leagues last 3-6 months and everyone is then sent to standard league and a new league with new additions begins. leagues award cosmetics as an incentive and have leaderboards for bragging rights. I'd also add full blown trading, something i feel DD2 is really lacking. Either way the game is fun though, I'll always come back from time to time to give it a go. I really wish onslaught was an endless mode on the map we chose rather then the round/floor bas
  3. I'm not entirely confident the game will be around long term, the player base has been dwindling a long time. I'd be really sad to see the game go but its starting to feel like it might. both dd1 and 2 have a less then stellar playerbase.
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble with the ones where cant build more then 1 of each defense, or have to build 10 different types of defenses.. I just dont have the shards, so despite being C7 capable, I'm now farming C3 over and over for 3 days trying to get deadly strikes.
  5. I could've sworn we used to have one.. was super confused not seeing it. But yes, totally agree.
  6. Relics in chaos 4 can have stats up to 7159, if you've not seen anything near that yet, try giving this a look:  https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147945/gaining-gear-for-chaos-beginners TLDR; get a character that only equips blue loot with the highest gold cost in your deck, equip higher value blue gear every wave, and you'll see stuff get better fairly quickly.
  7. Edit: The solution was turning off autosort. I use 3 bags to save shards in and in total i have 12 inventory slots spread amongst them that i cant use. when i try to put an item in there it just wont work, the slots look blank but wont let me put anything in them. I have 9 bags, and the broken ones are 7-8-9, 7 has 10 slots broken, and 8 and 9 both have one, and they're all the last slots in the bags. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. Thanks for the link, but this really still sounds like an incredibly poorly designed system. We shouldn't have to abuse the system to get better gear, the way this works is incredibly odd. just hoping people agree and see why i think this.
  9. if gear dropped difficulty of levels there would be no use but to play chaos 7 probably 1 match you would be max gear with a good carrying player I'm not saying i want max stat gear to drop for players who dont have gear anywhere near that, I'm saying that within a chaos tier the gear shouldn't be influenced by what I am wearing that heavily. Chaos one should randomly drop items with stats 1600 to 2300, my gear shouldn't influence those numbers if i have stats relatively close to that range. Edit: even if we could be boosted to chaos 7, i dont think It's fair that new players who play the
  10. I quit for some time, last time i played i think chaos 5 was the max tier, at the time people had been complaining that the best way to gear up was unequipping 3 of your heroes and gearing one up with the highest stats you could to get better drops. This is still happening. i introduced a friend to the game and started playing from scratch, which was fine until we got to chaos 1 and somehow weren't getting better gear. we were sticking to stats we wanted, and eventually found out that unequipping all our heroes except for one and putting the highest stat gear on one character gave us drops
  11. I keep doing this as well.. Really want them to disable G until the chest is open >_<
  12. I agree, this 4 map limit has lasted to long, it was a mistake releasing this patch without onslaught or proper difficulty incursions Theres been to little to do for to long, and i am getting horribly bored of the repetition. I'm not sure I'd even be happy if we where limited to 4 maps in an upcoming rotation, its just not enough, might be acceptable if it was a weekly rotation but even then i wouldn't be particularly impressed. This patch removed SO much playable content, its a little dissapointing edit: really like the idea mentioned before, make practice reward the same as trials do
  13. Emphasis added is mine. We discussed that map rotation was something we'd like to do, but we don't have 100% plans on doing that right now. If we do rotate the maps, it would only be for the highest Chaos tier currently available (which is Chaos V right now). Now, with those pesky clarifications out of the way, who else on the forums would like for us to rotate the Chaos V maps? And if not, why not? I'd love to hear from both sides. I'm not proud enough to quite literally beg for you to do map rotations. It hasn't even been that long and I'm already getting quite tired of the 4 that are th
  14. Are you playing Trials or picking specific maps? You're a lot more likely to upgrade your gear playing trials, picking specific maps severely nerfs the loot table.
  15. You should probably stop playing early access games or RPG's all together if you dont like grinding. With 750 nm4 gear you can get to c5 within 4-7 days, you're really not that far from being back on top. When you play early access these kinds of resets are what you should expect, yes the game should've been out of early access a long time ago, but this patch shows exactly why it isn't. Either quit until the games released, or roll with the punches.
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