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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, will try it later when im back at my pc. Interesting thing about changing the code in the source files. Endure I have a hard time locating engine.engine I have tones of engine.* (engine.en, engine.de etc) Could someone from Trendy please comment on endure's solution if this is allowed?
  2. As my question states, there is this black border around every object, character etc. Is there any way to turn it off? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971896423/screenshot/631861724247687024 Its very annoying to see those borders around everything getting split up more and more. It seems they are something seperate from the character models. If you clicked the picture, its a graphical glitch that occurs when you try to turn on 3d vision for dundef. The more convergence/depth you set the further those black lines get torn apart and it drives me nuts.
  3. Im turned off from the game by the totally crippled and destroyed economy. Before all this superloot madness and upgrades costing billions, I was able to farm some hard challenges and mixmode survival for good gear to sell to other people. Make good money with it and be able to upgrade my newly found stuff without having to grind hours and hours. Now all my godly gear and anything not 200 ups is litlerally worthless. There are people that have farmed level 30 of survival mix mode trough hacked items/towers and now selling that stuff for cheap. Normal players will never be able to attain th
  4. So, eager to see if my buddy and me could actually do something in Nightmare we set foot onto Nightmare erfest 2.0 He is an apprentice with 2.5 mil dps and me as countess with 1 mil dps. We but up a normal killing Zone with strength drain /auras etc and waited there for the mobs (just to see if you could actually tank anything for even 1 hit) So orges now instead of 10 mil have 9 mil.... still not killable without jousting them to their death. Then I saw 1 single assasing preparing for a jump, he landed in front of my 100k hp countess with like 60-65% resists under a strength drain aur
  5. after last nights nerf to nightmare no one should be complaining anymore about not being able to beat nightmare. nightmare went from a challenging but achievable team oriented mode to the current state which i can solo with only slightly more difficulty than insane, and is a tarnish upon the name of all game modes named "nightmare" anywhere. i have supported your decisions until this one trendy. I want to see a Video of you beating nightmare mix mode on any map after wave 10 solo. With a proof of your gear. Otherwise you are just trolling and sprouting nonsense. Also to the post abo
  6. Then tell me, how do you all deal with 16+ orges on the map spawning 5 ogres at once insta gibbing you. Not to forget the 200 spiders that are scattered all over the map. Seriously, it sounds more and more that all those people that come to the forums to tell me "shrug it its easy to beat your tactic is bad" simply hack their gear to insane stats and have auras that can kill orges with just 1 hit. Because as it is now, my gear is Mythical with nice 100 up stuff, 150 up weapon and me and my team we get totally stomped into the ground without any way to make it trough 10 orges at once on
  7. So instead of being able to slowly aquire good loot. Now UMF is not doable! Especially since my main is a countess.... lol gg melee, of course my resistances went down 20% since 7.14 again even after buffing them considerably trough the new upgrades on mythical loot. I still get 1 shot from orgres in all mythical equipment with 100 ups maxing out physical resists when possible (still only 58% in nightmare mode) with over 100k life in nightmare..... THIS IS STUPID! I still get shot over half the map by 1 spider attacking me, usually me dropping dead somewhere. The loot in the campaign mod
  8. So I was 1 Hit already anyways even when I had 70% resists in Nightmare. Now after logging in with 7.14a and upgrading my gear to have way over 90% resists, in Nightmare I have 58% physical. WTF Trendy, 1 Live, how are melee ever supposed to even scratch that mode now? Also buffing the loot was not done! Still only seeing crap drop on nightmare Deeper Well as well as other maps in Campaign mode. Survival is next. But with the again nerfed resists it will be crappy.
  9. I do not have a problem with the mechanics of spiders. They are there to keep you moving and thinking of how to properly setup your defences. BUT WTF wave 4... 100 spiders 1/3 of all mobs.... later there are thousands of spiders. You can simply not longer evade them if the whole F*** map is covered inch by inch with spiders. So either make them like Orges that you only get 3-10 per wave or simply change their mechanic/life. They are fine as special mobs to make your life hard, but they make up the majority of enemy mobs which is neck breaking and currently makes me want to throw my pc out
  10. My experience: I have given up! Seriously, Nightmare has broken me. Yes call me whiny or bad but let me tell you my experience so far. I have tried most maps with 1-4 players. My team and I are all UMF geared (so 75-85 weapons 40-60 up armor 70+ pets, on hero and tower chars alike) General: Being 1 shot by anything is not fun with max resist gear! being 1 Shot under a STR Drain Aura with max resist gear is not fun! Healing Aura being totally useless now is not fun! Generally Nightmare is not fun!!!!! The most notable experiences: Alch Lab Insane: Boss with 3 players 31 m
  11. So how are you supposed to play a Melee character now? With my Countess/Melee Monk or Squire I get one hittet by everything standing under a Strengh Drain Aura.... can anyone enlighten me how they could possibly beat er monsterfest at any wave on nightmare please? My gear is not bad (umf level) but I cannot hit the enemy because I simply die instantly if anything sneezes at me.
  12. Same thing here, got the wrong DLC for myself, luckily I noticed so i could buy the right one for my buddies. However Trendy for the love of god please, can you offer us a new dlc pack as a preorder for 2-4 so we can also unlock nightmare mode?
  13. Have the same issue. Only thing you can do is write a Ticket to the Steam Billing support. (I did this waiting for an answer currently) Just got a message from Steam support telling me it is not possible to change the DLC. Trying again asking them to not refund the 3,99 for the dlc so i can at least get the pack *sigh* Dear Trendy Next time please label the DLC's properly on the start page of steam!
  14. Well here we go again, mobs in the new er monsterfest you get from the eternia shards bug like mad. They like to fall down the Waterfall on an edge of the map and are not reachable.
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