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  1. In the infinitive form it would be "sentirse mejor." If you are trying to say "I hope you feel better" it would be "espero que te sientas mejor." "I feel better" = "me siento mejor". It depends on the personal pronoun and the verb tense you are using it with. If you give me a context, I'll give you the exact translation. http://www.translation.pk/spanish-translation.html
  2. Mad World by Gary Jules from The Gears Of War Game to the X-Box. That what you want?
  3. Yep, the fall out boy album "infinity on high"...some random song right now.i love "this aint a scene its an arms race" listen to it.
  4. Eating meat, knowing it was once alive and such and we just look at it and discard of it in a couple of minutes. Buying things that look good on a rack and never look good on the me.
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