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  1. Hello, I quit DD a long time ago when survival dropped the best loot and everything was useless except traps and auras because of assassins doing too much damage. Is it still like that ? What's new ?
  2. Me and my friends all quit playing because we completed everything in the game and got bored of farming the same map all the time for better gear. If I wanna farm gear, I'll play WoW. We want more content and MORE CHALLENGING content. Everything was relatively easy once you have good gear......
  3. After finishing all the maps/challenges on insane, finished all the achievements got good gear, upgraded it... There was nothing left to do except FARM for better gear but if I would like to farm gear all the time I would play WoW.
  4. Try changing your download region, it helped for me go in View (menu) -> Settings check the Download + Cloud tab
  5. building another tower > upgrading an existing one upgrading 2 towers to lvl 1 > upgrading 1 tower to lvl 2
  6. Ethereal needs to not be electric damage, practically useless as an anti-wyvern for the most part, especially now that deadly strikers target wyverns with a vengeance. Its dps is also crap compared to a striker, you can put almost 3 for one striker, but striker never deals with immunities/has tremendous range. Also. You're missing one key point that led me to stop using gas/proximity combos in solo: poison immune goblin says hi. Every. Single. Time. Another proximity near your blockade (not too close) behind those 2 traps takes care of him.
  7. Proximity runs out really fast with any decent reset speed, which gear tends to have. Low dps, a sad aoe striker. Dps is fine but radius needs to be better or it should have a smaller detonation radius. One strat that works well is to put a gas before a proximity so all creep stacks and when 1 gets in the proximity they all die. But IT NEEDS more charge. Gas trap has obscene utility, gigantic duration and loads of charges. Is good. agree ^ Inferno trap has little utility compared to gas trap, an equivalent duration, but a fraction of the charges. Needs more. I think inferno is fine right now,
  8. You have tweaked apprentice towers, squire towers and monk auras but haven't changed anything to huntress traps. Not gonna list all the problems, I'm sure you already know them so what's your plan ?
  9. Incinerate has way less charges but last way longer because of it's duration. Proximity mine trap is really useful but incredibly annoying to repair all the time. Where's the trap huntress love ???
  10. I'm off to bed right now, but add me (genida), and we can check up tomorrow, or whenever, what I have. Pretty sure I've a handful of Plate things I was happy about. 'microbe' leads to a lot of Steam id's, as it stands. No clue which one was you :) added my profile page to OP
  11. Leave screenshot/steam id or add me : http://steamcommunity.com/id/microbeqc
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