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  1. It's been years since I played the original DD, but I remember this was a feature back then. It was nice to be able to take a bit of extra time putting a build together, run a few waves to see how it works, then open it up to the public so others could join in the loot. This would be a nice option to have return.
  2. It would be nice. Spending 2-3 minutes building then the map only lasting 6-8 minutes, we're spending 1/3 of our time rebuilding the same setup over and over.
  3. While I didn't realize members could not create threads in the feedback forum, hopefully this is an appropriate place to add this. Hopefully this will catch the eye of some of the devs and see some improvements. The highlights for those w/o the time to watch the whole thing: Air on Liferoot Forest should follow their own path, rather than the ground path, at ground level. Minibosses should be immune to all forms of CC, and should spawn in appropriate numbers to the amount of players. Need an enemy type to offset the geyser/electric aura combo, several suggestions throughout the video. Give
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