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  1. Uh, you do realize there's an absolutely massive sale going on right now, right? That's kinda hammering Steam's servers. ^ Exactly. http://store.steampowered.com/stats/content/ Steam servers are getting hammered and it will probably be even worse Friday (I suspect they will have an even larger sale then).
  2. ^ LOL. Funny, but true (minus the whole shut up part). I cant' wait to buy DLC. Hope Valve adds it soon.
  3. I hope Valve responds soon and puts it up. I can't wait to give Trendy my money.
  4. get rid of the silly "defeated" spam that takes 2 hours to scroll through 8000 mobs While I am a bit indifferent about the whole loot counter suggestion (sorry, it's just that it doesn't bug me that much), I do agree the "enemy killed" notifications are a bit annoying. I'd like to propose either an on/off toggle in the options, or a system that does one of two things: Option 1: Speed it up the larger the "backlog" of enemy killed messages becomes. The more stuff in the backlog, the faster the messages scroll. Option 2: Combine like mobs in the "backlog" after a certain point. "Crunc
  5. The Trendy Entertainment staff need to sit back, relax, take a break from the massive amount of community service they provide, and have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. I know you are and will continue to be working your butts off with the upcoming patch and later the expansion (is that still coming?), but seriously guys, treat yourself to at least a little break Thursday and remember that you have lots of fans who love you and your game and don't want you to be overworked or get burnt out. Bending over backwards for people 24/7 can be really tiring. You guys r
  6. Got an issue, not sure if it's related to the recent update or not. Set map to Hall of Court - map didn't load so refreshed page and did it again. Set some traps, turrets, auras, and squire stuffs. Removed/replaced some stuff Clicked save Rather than saving, the page changed to a map of Servant's Quarters with no defenses. Text states "You have spent NaN / 85 DU" On an additional note, with the new defense scaling, some of them are really hard to see, such as the harpoon turrets on the dark area near the west crystal in Hall of Court. Edit: Did it again and it did the same thi
  7. Added new images for the maps that include the crystals for them. Corrected DU values for maps Added in "scaling" of defense icons for maps Unfortunately I normalized their sizes which means previously saved configurations will not be compatible (REALLY sorry about this, will do my darndest to make sure it doesn't happen again, I just had to do it this one time to get it all working properly). For now I have pre-set scaling values set for the various maps that will apply when you drag defenses over to it. I will add in the ability for people to set a custom scaling they want to us
  8. Now I can show my friends my insane summit setup instead of just tossing them the animus i don't want Looks interesting. I'll show it to my girlfriend who always complains that trap huntresses aren't useful enough. Looks like you didn't put any rotation on the mage towers though, they're all pointing north. How do you normally have them face?
  9. Nice tool, thanks for sharing. Yesterday when I tried I couldn't get it show a map when I selected it from the dropdown, but it seems to be working today. I placed some towers around The Deeper Well map, realized I made a mistake and double clicked one to delete, then placed some more. When I clicked save it reverted to right before I deleted my first tower, so I had to start over from scratch. Finally got it working after I started over. Managed to save my layout (probably sucks for insane though). Anyway, cool tool.
  10. I can't fathom why you would type hundreds of words, format them to be readable so people will actually read them, and then not capitalize anything. I thought the same thing (and mentioned it in the reply), but then went on to read on the second page and found out English is not his primary language. I'm assuming the primary language of the original poster probably utilizes syllabaries or logographs rather than an alphabet that distinguishes between case. I'm not one of those people who always whines about grammar, but that's because the majority of the people that don't write well only p
  11. Pardon me if this wasn't covered, I skipped down to your Too Long; Didn't Read section after the first twenty pages. First, keeping in mind that the PC version (which you are clearly talking about) is barely a month old, I don't think the majority of your statements about the old days and such carry any weight. Second, your shift key appears to be broken. Or maybe you just weren't using it in an effort to remain quiet while you typed. On a more serious note, I kind of get the whole "casual game" feel from DunDef. it's one of those types of games that folks like me with full time job
  12. No, seriously, I think it'd be awesome and super lulz if Trendy added some NERF weapons to the game to poke fun at all the balance changes we've had since launch. One for each class. Or a special "Nerf tower" available to all that shoots bright yellow foam missiles that do 1 damage each and have super slow projectile speed. I wonder how much Hasbro would charge for letting you use a digital version of their products in-game....
  13. No, they have characters in the works to be brought out, and they'll be doing events. They have an expansion coming out in 2 weeks with new everything including level cap increase, to go with the next char. I know about all that. Those things have been announced for weeks. But after that, I'm worried they'll pretty much stop adding things. Like, what kind of lifecycle do they have in mind for "official content" vs "fan created content"?
  14. You know, it's cool that you guys are releasing the full source of the game, a bunch of editing tools, and all the raw resource files and all... But it also seems a little bit scary. Once the modding community gets up and running, are you guys going to just step back and be like "OK, you guys can take it from here" and then we'll never see any more cool DLC or patches from you? The idea is kinda silly, but I'd really like some re-assurance. I don't really plan to get too into the whole modding thing, and I like "official" content. I know there's an expansion coming out, and some holida
  15. I wish the Van-Wolfensteen did Normal Dmg instead of Elemental Granted, but now monsters will have normal immunity. I wish I could play DunDef from within Skyrim (Epic game multitasking)
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