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  1. Nightmare 4 is a whole jump above nightmare 3, tower builds just don't cut it... Generally it's build a big wall and stand round repairing it till the traps kill everything, dos makes it faster.
  2. system is bad ? You need a much more complex formula than you propose, one that borders on being an AI system for determining contribution. You can't do that on a checkbox system, that's why white collar jobs are generally interviewed by panels of people not surveys.
  3. Also this system isn't accounting for crowd control, kiting mobs like ogres. Prioriritising the -right- mobs like kamikaze or those crystal diggy things that ruin defenses. as has already been said, damage isn't the only contribution in the end game, it's more about how you do what you do.
  4. max range harpoons will hit her from the tree stumps the boats land next to, that's my easy mode build.
  5. I'm actually getting sick of being forced to dos when I'm trying to build a blockade squire
  6. 4 builder!?!? tower/wall? tower Mage, frost Mage, blockade squire, booster monk, traptress, serenity monk, tower squire ... These are all things.
  7. Note once you hit nightmare, the more players, the harder it is. Soloing is easier than playing in a group because the difficulty (hard lanes, resist, etc) scale in a way that makes group play the stupid way to play. Obviously this isn't how most of us -want- to play. Note: this scaling doesn't happen in incursions which is why if you aren't already, you should be playing nm incursion for gearing, not freeplay nm. Stupid, but true.
  8. All my bags are premium bags. I have 3 bags of just pet food & even items & rerolls I have one bag half full of nm4 gear for when I make new toons and need to hear them on hitting 50 I have to sell during rounds to stop my bags filling and I don't use the new loot filters because they are bad.
  9. I also did it before and after it got bugged...no additional rewards were given even though it appeared as a new event and dint say "already claimed" until it was completed again.
  10. I got two of the leg weapons in my first run on the second hardest difficulty and haven't seen once since as I've played through for the do every level challenge
  11. If someone is AFK for an entire wave I SHOULD BE ABLE TO KICK THEM !
  12. Onslaught needs a rework but those are the least of the things I dislike about it. It's long, boring, and repetitive. The waves don't increase in interest or variety like most tower defense games... where's the flying waves, the invisible waves, the crazy boss waves, speed waves, lane-heavy waves. The game engine can already do all of this except for the invisibility... the betsy fight is FAR more interesting than onslaught. Who though it was a good idea to make a wave of 800 goblins that takes forever to finish on sheer number but has no actual difficulty for a half decent build ? Onslaught
  13. The frost tower does one thing well, and requires a character focused on building frost towers which is a significant investment on its own. Should we be looking at barricades because they have too many HP if someone builds a barricade squire ? Should we be checking into elemental chaos because someone might build a frost tower near it ? There will always be good combos and bad combos... Minefields and slow mechanics work well together ? Who'd a thought it !
  14. The radar ping needs to last longer or leave a mark on the minimal longer too.
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