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  1. Squire suggestions 1. Fully upgraded squire towers (harpoon and cannon) can be climbed inside of and controlled by the player. The tower uses the Hero's stats instead? 2. Fully upgraded squire spiked blockade prevents splash damage and piercing damage to towers behind it. 3. or -Fully upgraded squire spiked blockade absorbs any damage done to towers around it. 4. Target Dummy - each upgrade gives different effect. level 1 Dummy = default level 2 Dummy = slows/stuns mobs that hit it level 3 Dummy = Causes fear or confusion when hit level 4 Dummy = chance to Charm whe
  2. Its perfectly fine for me to join games and place a book on my mouse button and go to bed? Fantastic! hmm does this "shaming" rule apply to myself? I don't want to get in trouble warning people not to group with me. This is completely off topic; HOWEVER, Can i post a video of a guy attacking for hours and hours and never doing anything other than that because its so fun to watch? And before you even think about it, I'm not shaming him! I just want to share with people his awesome moves!
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