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  1. You would appear to be correct. From early testing, although the damage output of my 205 up Triple Threat is basically identical to my 204 up Soul Focuser, it is very hard to realize that damage since it is so difficult to get all three projectiles on target. The further out the projectiles of the Triple Threat get, the more they spread, whereas the projectiles of the Soul Focuser converge within a certain range.
  2. UPDATE SECTION: (Will continue to post the Massacre boss unique items for each hero as I find them. And will likely report as I upgrade/test them.) UPDATE 1: Managed to run The Throne Room four times to get a weapon with each hero. Results are shown below. Also, I am now fairly confident the Ragnarok (above) is the Apprentice weapon from Alchemical Lab, since the DDA Wiki has the Apprentice weapon from Throne Room, the "Protean Conductor", listed as "Ragnorok" too. Not Hardcore As before, please feel free to post your findings for The Summit as you get them. UPDATE 2: Finished farming the boss weapons from The Summit. Not Hardcore. Seeing as it dropped with 5 projectiles, I immediately checked out the Spitfire. It is very disappointing. To be fair, maybe the one I dropped is a dud/is bugged. However, as there was no way for me to upgrade the fire rate, it is trash. Also a little bummed there is no dragon reference (e.g., Dragon/Drake/Draco as with the other three) in the name of the Apprentice weapon. Why not Draconic Focuser? Although, purrhaps that only bothers me?
  3. My apologies for the disaster of a first attempt at this post. For some reason, all images in the folder uploaded as attachments and I have not been able to figure out how to delete them/how to delete the topic. Re-posting what the original was intended to be here. Looks like the Soul Focuser no longer drops. The Furnace Poker seems pretty good. I only farmed the Huntress/Monk/Squire weapon once. Did two runs with the Apprentice because, despite being the only weapon that dropped on both runs, I'm not entirely sure the Ragnarok is his unique weapon since "Ragnarok" also appears as an item base type on the DDA Wiki. Confirmation would be appreciated. These runs were MassHC. Also, feel free to post your findings for The Throne Room/The Summit below. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know how to get rid of these duplicate images? Meant to upload the just the first image of all 4 items, but somehow the whole folder got uploaded. I keep trying to delete the images from the body and as attachments, but they keep reappearing. Or does anyone know how to delete a topic so I can just re-post this fresh? In the meantime, redirecting to the cleaned up version of this post. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks.
  5. All images in the folder decided to upload as attachments to this thread instead of just the one I intended to upload, so things turned into a hot mess. A clean version of the post can be found if you follow the link in my reply below. However, if you don't mind the duplicate images...
  6. Having actually tested it, the Triple Threat (TT) is substantially worse than the Soul Focuser (SF). Assuming I get all 3 projectiles on target, the 205 upgrade TT does the same damage as my 204 upgrade SF. However, it is significantly harder to get all projectiles of the TT on target given they continue to spread as they travel whereas, within a certain range, the projectiles of the SF converge.
  7. You made it out significantly better than I did. I got absolutely gutted. I had been replacing Legacy gear with 1.0 gear. Much of the 1.0 gear my heroes were wearing at the time of transfer was brought down to new NM levels. As a precaution, I would highly recommend putting any 1.0 gear you want to use after the transfer in your bag before transferring.
  8. Sure, except as I said above, seemingly all of the Massacre gear my heroes were wearing at the time of transfer was also scaled down by about 100 upgrades, bringing it to the level of new NM gear as you said. Which was not supposed to happen.
  9. Just ran Alch Lab on MassHC. Didn't get a Soul Focuser, so can confirm it's no longer a guaranteed drop. However, I did get this... Purrhaps this is an example of the new unique items to which they are referring?
  10. TL;DR, AND AS A FAIR WARNING TO PEOPLE PLANNING ON USING THE TRANSFER TOOL: Unless you have managed to replace the majority (ideally all) of your Legacy gear with 1.0 gear -- DON'T. Given how the Legacy Transfer Tool actually handles "balancing" the number of upgrades per piece of gear, you stand to lose 850-950 stat points (factoring in the set bonus for armor) if you were just banking on your Legacy gear being, "...balanced [to] max upgrade levels..." of 1.0 gear. And while I'm not 100% certain of this, it would appear even 1.0 gear your characters were wearing at the time of transfer had their upgrades reduced...so make sure any 1.0 gear you have been replacing your Legacy gear with is in your bag at the time of transfer. Now... While I am glad the transfer tool is out , I have to say I am very disappointed in its execution as it did not work as advertised. You said you would, "[a]pply 1.0 balanced max upgrade levels on your gear". However, it would appear all "balancing" to 1.0 max upgrade values means is cutting ~200 upgrades off of weapons and ~190 upgrades off of armor. In other words, rather than balancing a Legacy piece of armor having the maximum upgrades (337) to the 1.0 maximum for upgrades on a piece of armor in 1.0 (286), as advertised, all your Legacy gear will now have approximately 147 upgrades (I have one piece with 154 upgrades, the rest have less than 150 ups, some as low as 139). That's a difference of at least 132-147 stat points per piece of armor (I'll use 140 to pick a round number near the middle). You wear 4 pieces of armor and get a 40% set bonus, meaning you stand to lose approximately 1.4(140*4) = 784 points after the transfer as the result of your Legacy gear being "balanced" to 1.0. You stand to lose another ~100 points from your weapons being "balanced" in a similar fashion. Heck, after transferring, I even had 1.0 armor pieces with 250+ upgrades that I used to replace 337 upgrade Legacy gear have their upgrades "balanced" back down to the 140's. And here I thought only Legacy gear was supposed to be impacted by the tool. As the most extreme example, my Wall Squire wearing all 1.0 gear with around 240 upgrade Ancient armor and using a 403 upgrade Legacy sword, all fully upgraded, had about 4.2k Fortify prior to transferring. After transferring, all of his armor was reduced to ~135 upgrades, his sword to 205 upgrades. I'll let you do the math on that, but yeah...the Transfer Tool did not, "[a]pply 1.0 balanced max upgrade levels" to his gear. It looks like transferring brought the Massacre armorI was wearing at the time of transfer down to new NM levels. Finally, I don't understand why stat values weren't re-rolled to 1.0 values, especially if this is how you "balanced" upgrades. Losing 800+ stat points per hero has the potential to make Massacre unplayable. Luckily I had farmed enough Monsterfest to replace all of my gear, but even as mentioned above some of the 1.0 gear I used to replace my Legacy gear was impacted (lost 100+ stat points per piece as the result of their upgrades being slashed) by the transfer tool. EDIT: After poking around for about half an hour after the update, it looks like all gear worn by all heroes, Legacy or 1.0, was "balanced" down to ~140 upgrades per piece of armor, 203 upgrades per weapon, and ~45 upgrades per accessory, and their upgrades were reset. It looks like all Legacy Giraffes have been cut to ~155 upgrades, and all pets worn by your characters at the time of transfer - Legacy and 1.0 - had their upgrades reset. I guess a very small upside is that I got the 203 upgrade Soul Focuser I bricked testing out elemental damage back? By the way, don't do an elemental Soul Focuser.
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