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  1. Hello Community, I am fresh again in the game and got the gems for the orbs but i cant even beat Chaos 1 difficulty! The Gear i get dropped in the first 3~4 waves are insane BAD and i cant finish Wave 5. To much/strong enemies, no possiblities to combo like hamster/lightning cause of default Turret rework. What can i do to beat Chaos 1 ?
  2. 1. Did you know: You can stun enemies by hitting with storm-attacks while they are drenched 2. Did you know: You can burn enemies by hitting with fire-attacks while they are oiled Thats very usefull i think :)
  3. As an update I have no issues anymore with this rubberband lagging effects ! So try if you have the same issue - the support tells me the domain you connect on the amazonservers is: ec2.amazon.com And test your connection to an Ireland server
  4. Okay i looked for the IPs but everytime i get another IP for the game. Can someone off the Devs post the IP ranges or a complete list for europe?
  5. Ah okay thank you ... I forgot about this function in the Taskmanager :D!
  6. I play in Germany, i think EU-Servers then :)
  7. Hi Support-Team, i love DD2 but i have so many lags! I want to fix this with my Router - I play with a Hybrid Connection (DSL+G4) and my Router decide which connection goes over G4 or DSL. So I need the Server-IP that i can do a Blacklist for my Router to block G4 to this IP. Best Regards LowGameR
  8. I didnt connect to the Tavern ... i mean the playbutton in the mainmenu
  9. I verfied my Datas already ... same problem :S
  10. Hi, i downloaded DD2 again today after a long time and if I click on "Play" i got only an infinit Loadingscreen ... no chance to escape only with taskmanager I can close the game ... after some tries i got an errormassage: "?INT?ENGINE.ERRORS.PLAYVERSEERROR DELAY EDCLIENTHELLOTOJOINTIMEOUT TITLE? ?INT?Engine.Errors.PlayverseError_DelayedClientHelloToJoinTimeout?" My OS: Windows8.1 64-bit I disabled my Firewall or set trusted rules to alle exe of DD2! Thats it
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