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  1. check out alienware giveaway but its seems to be out right now. I grab one for my friend tho so i dont know
  2. basically trendy remove yet another tower customization -- the defense speed stats and spawn 2 useless stats out, the defense cri chance and defense cri damage. most agree that they would rather have defense power and defense health instead of power and any of the cri stat to increase their dps. also more new and fancy passive in items that you are required to have in order to complete a map like faster harpoons/ frost bite tower with speedy aura, etc. with how the rng god never on your side or maybe trendy just hard code the chance of dropping a DP/DH to <0%, you will have a much harder ti
  3. I would agree before 6.2. Now I think NM1 is perfectly tuned. Just quit playing because after my last run game broke after last wave and all my loot from last wave was gone, including 3 legendaries and 5 mythical. Edit: loot I had already collected and was in my inventory. Trendy's way of rewarding the faithful kek
  4. don't wanna solve the problem but to rant here. You could of course switch out to dps hero, but whats the point of not leveling up your builder first? (pre-level cap) you can't solo with a dps hero, you can't hold a lane as a dps hero. You build will need levels to git gud, need levels to use better items, with better items your builder might help you solo some easier stage. I just don't get why trendy have to force players to play builders, the "basic backbone class" first and make DPS hero as an "advance class". I have never played any games with trinity that force you to play tank/ support
  5. the problem i see is the number of uber slots. If you are a builder, every uber you acquired makes you more versatile, while a dps hero suffer from choosing which "1" uber ability to bring to the table. I would rather have a uber slot for every tower unlocked as you level up and 1 uber slot for every ability you gain.
  6. Sometimes showers give you a clear mind. The last shower I have shed some light on why a balance patch early in the year did nothing. See Dev Stream 4 I still remember back in January, Trendy in dev stream said something about balancing defense with speed and power, something like Cannon ball scales with 50% DP and 100% DS what not. And everyone was hoping they could balance all the defense to be usable. Well turns out Trendy's balancing team never passed high school math. DPS literally mean damage per second. Lets say we have 2300 point to allocate between DP and DS. The DPS equation will be
  7. actually blaze balloon last 6.1s so it could hit 7 times. I dont remember which trendy post said it but i think its trendy's "fix" for the still broken blaze balloon attack rate passive. ELI5 on how blaze balloon rate passive is broken: (since pets and dragon patch) Since blaze balloon has a fixed short up-time, a certain sweet spot attack rate% (say 16%) will allow it to tick 7 times instead of 6 times which is an 16% damage increase in the 6s duration. But between 16% to 23% atk rate, there is no damage difference at all because the balloon still only tick 7 times. Which means any blazeball
  8. flame burst hardly hit 2 orcs due to orcs' massive body, dont know why its consider an aoe tower
  9. still garbage idea consider the only way of getting speed is on sphere, and its going to be a multiplier, no one is going to ignore that and pick something else. This makes the game 1 dimension. Although unrelated, give us more uber slots, right now the uber is boring and for ability uber you cannot change it in combat phase, which means owning more skill uber skill =/= more useful. But owning more tower uber means your hero is more flexible in building. This just feels like another way of gimping dps heroes.
  10. According to how trendy fix things, very likely that its still doable
  11. I think troll blood is a bad trait. It is one of those combos that, no matter how hard you try, you tank or you dps, and avoiding death, you will still not able to do anything with it unless you have optimal towers, like tons of cannon ball or LSA. It certainly discourage players to try, if you were not having enough dps. I think one of the way to fix it is to have player's hero attack remove or reduced the hp regen efficiency of troll blood monster, so that it encourage people to not just stand around but work on making the troll blood monster more vulnerable to attack.
  12. Trendy hardly give a *** because they already take your money
  13. well in DD1, you really can't compare towers with people of similar powerlevel either, because of more character specialization, like more range, more attack speed or more trap charges. Now in DD2, everything become straight line and much easy to compare, which highly discourage people to build.
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