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  1. Sorry, tbh i didnt notice either. Fixed the title
  2. Hello, im auctioning my Ult Glad IC'd by mkjo Auction will go for about 12 hours Accepting cubes, coal (1:6) and diamonds. Thanks :D http://gyazo.com/bc336ebfff358e46048273552746fd96
  3. ItzNotJono

    Item Check Thread

    http://gyazo.com/bc336ebfff358e46048273552746fd96 Ult 93 Post Patch SID: ItzNotJono
  4. ItzNotJono

    Item Check Thread

    This Legit? http://gyazo.com/9534ee2eb20430d5b88ffd915ea8e7c2
  5. Been holding onto this too long and i think its time to sell. Glaciers Demise, taking serious offers. http://gyazo.com/11fe611dbc79f578d7e8e018c18b2abc Steam ID: ItzNotJono
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