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  1. I'm guessing I was the only one who didn't miss that kind of late-game grindyness.
  2. Praise be to the almighty Gobu! My wisp lanes are back! *Celebratory dance*
  3. When you say you plan on making the tree like an aura, does that also mean that it will function as an aura in terms of how mobs target it? What I liked about the trees being a blockade was that it made you consider the placement more carefully. You could put it in risky areas, but then there was a chance the mobs would kill it. If it's just an aura, honestly I don't see a reason to need it as a prerequisite for building at all, it just feels like forcing more DU consumption on players. How hard/possible would it be to make the tree function differently based on the first tower you build in its range? That could be an interesting middle ground without completely removing the tree's blockade function. For example, if you build a hornet first the tree then becomes a hive which will spawn more hornets when attacked. If you build a harpy's nest it becomes a sort of "air geyser" that shoots up to slow airborne enemies. Admittedly, this gives the dryad a lot of versatility, but I'm hesitant to just drop the tree blockades entirely.
  4. I know it would go a long way (and Trendy would greatly appreciate it) if you mentioned what things in the patch notes that were supposed to be fixed are still happening. Unfortunately that's the nature of programming, sometimes bugs can be extremely evasive. Anything you can do to identify the problems would go a long way. What bugs are you experiencing that were addressed in the patch notes? Do you have any means of replicating them? Can you get a video/image of the bug occurring? Believe me, Trendy is exceptionally good at hearing player feedback, and they want to fix the bugs just as much as you do, but the less information you give the harder it is for them to fix it.
  5. Absolutely agree with OP. It wasn't a NEEDED feature, but it was unilaterally praised when implemented. iirc- It first came to be with DDE's Embermount map, and that map was very well received (except for a few wonky mechanics with the harbingers/boss) It's a quality of life change that doesn't need to be removed. I like having the physical indicator, I really don't see a good enough reason to get rid of it. Every time I stream the game, one of the more common comments is "oh that's nice that it shows you where the mobs walk."
  6. Shard bank, easily. I did not shed a tear at incursions being worthless. I hated them when they first came out, so I don't have any interest in seeing them come back.
  7. I don't necessarily agree with that, especially depending on what you consider a DD1 player. I played the game, but quit after breaking into NM because it was just a wholly unpleasant experience that I don't care to go into detail over. I bought DDE when it came out, and enjoyed it significantly more than the original, but when they abandoned it I had to drop it as well (I ended up having more hours spent in the short time I had DDE than the entirety of DD1's lifespan). Then comes DD2, it's been a pendulum for me. Some patches I've loved, others I've hated. Where we sit now leaves me incredibly optimistic about the future of it, despite it being rough around the edges (to put it lightly). But I wouldn't be considered a "DD1" player. And frankly, a lot of the things the traditional DD1 players say are almost completely opposite of what I would find fun. If DD2 just did the things DD1 players wanted, then it would only appeal to DD1 players. What DD2 is working towards now is far more accessible to both DD1 players and people who never played it. I don't think that's a bad thing. Yes, there are definitely things that need to be changed, there are plenty of things that DD1 needed to change but didn't. Even though the community team working on DD1 is incredibly talented and work very hard, their focus is on what current DD1 players want, not what players who left it like I did want. It's not intended to be an insult to them mind you, far from it, but what I'm getting at is that it's just one group of players that could potentially like DD2.
  8. Any chance we'll have the notes prior to release? It might help the community brace for the projected impact.
  9. 1-A 2-A 3-A 4-A 5-B 6-A 7-B Basically, I don't mind the hard counters at all. My only issue, which I am assuming will be addressed by release, is that there's not a "master mode" where every tier is a possibility for a lane. At least then every character will be worth gearing because they will have some measure of use in a game. However, I absolutely hate the assassins and the kobold fliers. They're way too disruptive and I just don't have fun when they exist.
  10. Does it really matter? People have been saying for ages that with the release of the cash shop the game is already considered "released." I'd rather judge it by what changes they implement by release than whether we think it's ready now. Ultimately it's not really going to change much, it's a f2p game so they're going to keep adding content.
  11. Honestly, the shards that give flat stat bonuses like deadly strikes and power transfer need to be removed, and tower base stats be recalculated to reflect the power loss. The game should be balanced around the base stats, and then shards should be for special functions. We'd see more use out of the "useless" shards if there weren't other shards that just give flat number boosts.
  12. I don't think the like button is strong enough. [[4370,users]], can we get a "beer me" button to buy someone a beer for really good feedback? :P
  13. While I agree there are many things that are rough around the edges, I disagree that it was not a successful update. Historically speaking, every update has had massive problems to it. I like the current system more than any other system to date. In my opinion, these are the things that need to be tweaked/fixed before release: -Communication: I absolutely agree, the information is hard to find and the game needs to provide it better. -Endgame: At some point there needs to be something to do after you finish the trials. There is no point gearing a character who's towers are countered by the hardest difficulty mobs. The master mode I mentioned a while ago would fix this. -Shard hunting: Getting a specific shard is a pain, and can really hamper progression. There needs to be a better way to get something you're specifically looking for. -Ascension: I love the system, but it needs to be tweaked. Range gambit needs to be changed to just range, because you're penalized way too heavily unless you have a massive amount of ascension levels to counteract it. In addition, they need to become more generalized so we aren't making multiple heroes of the same class just for one individual tower. -High profile bugs: This is a multitude of things like mobs bypassing walls and such, and the wrong enemy types spawning in chaos (Damn you geodes in C5....)
  14. Woa woa woa wait. Ascension 110 should be doing c7? What in the hell? I only JUST beat my first C5 map and I'm 114. What kind of magic sorcery are people using?
  15. As far as the wiki is concerned, I think an appropriate compromise would be to have the wiki rather heavily publicized on the launcher and in-game. Wiki's nowadays serve as the game manuals we used to get with our games. While I agree that there needs to be more in-game explanation, I think it's acceptable to at least let the information be readily accessible and visible.
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