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  1. As I understand it, anyone else feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it's essentially the "replacement" to the active builder hero bonus. For any character in your hero deck currently, the versatility stat will buff all towers they've created by that %. However, it only uses the versatility stat of the active hero. So you can't just stack your hero deck with mista' mines and get a big bonus to it.
  2. I can respect that, the problem is that we've had something like a year of just laying groundwork with no real payoff. There comes a time when they need to deliver on something. It seems like every patch is just more and more reimagining without any particular direction, so we're always going back to square one. And it all bottles down to, essentially, the developers being very against the idea that this is a tower defense game. They seem hellbent on "correcting" what they see as bad gameplay while diminishing the fun that existed in their current game. First it was Sirens, bu
  3. I legitimately cannot understand why 90%+ of people would respond positively to this change, other than a low participation in the PTR given the number of players still active in the game by the time it came out. I really don't get it. We have absolutely zero sense of progression now. Now it's just stacking numbers to do bigger numbers. No change to the gameplay, no actual mechanical changes to the towers. Are people just addicted to the grind at this point? Because I do not understand why this would be a positive change, to any degree. I have nothing to work for now. All of
  4. In your opinion. For others it's not welcome at all. ESPECIALLY considering that any "wasted" points into attack speed increases damage at a lower amount than it would if they had been put into damage, so you aren't compensated: you're punished. Redirect your character's points in attack speed, and no point in upgrading the stat on gear now. What was the point of having the stats overhaul where they got rid of stats like casting and speed, which had very hard caps, just to keep tower rate in there for people to waste points on? It's a glaring oversight to what could have been a great patc
  5. It's a terrible change, and I profoundly dislike it. It has very quickly soured my interest in this patch, and it's heartbreaking because this patch was looking to bring me back into the game.
  6. While I'm also disappointed, I'm in the completely opposite direction of it. I like the stat changes, and more importantly like the focus on cool set effects that give us different things. The problem I have with it now is that it runs in opposition to fusion gear, making fun set collections pointless. What's the point of having all this gear with cool effects on it when we still only look at fusion gear to progress rift mode? I like that "useless" stats were removed or streamlined, because yes it's silly to have repair rate as a stat when our gear hits the soft cap for it s
  7. This is.....this is EXACTLY the kind of announcement I have been hoping for, for so very long. You have COMPLETELY changed my impression of this game, and I could not be more thrilled. For the first time in a long time, I'm at a loss for words. I really can't even begin to explain the depths of my gratitude for these changes.
  8. Pretty much this. The biggest challenge this community faces is understanding that they've mastered the game, and have mastered it for a long time. Asking to up the difficulties because the upper end of players has mastered this game, which is almost a carbon copy of the original, is only going to ensure that no one new plays the game. And right now, the last thing this game needs is to close the doors to new players.
  9. I posted this idea on the steam forums, but it seems like that place is a bit of a ghost town, and then I remembered that this forum existed. So I thought I'd try my luck and post it here. It bottles down to, I think DDA could really use some freshness to it that really sets itself apart from the other games, and also make it more fun for future additional content. So without further ado, the copy-paste: My biggest two gripes with the game come from the Hero Deck and Rift mode. For the Hero Deck, it feels like it's just kind of tacked onto DD1 without really any consideration for how i
  10. ....huh? I was quoting a previous comment. What on earth are you talking about?
  11. Given that they fired their last one due to lack of sales, even though she was doing an incredible job and was basically handling all of the problems OP mentioned, I don't think that's a particularly grand idea. Sidenote: WHAT? They're rehiring this position now? I'm sorry, but bring back Mary please.
  12. The summoner had two pet slots, allowing him to double up on dps pets. So saying he only had towers isn't particularly correct. MU would only be acceptable if the minions despawned if you swapped out of the summoner, otherwise it's just another stacked layer of terrible balance. Make it tied to the hero mana rather than build mana, and I'd be down with it. Something like each minion costing 5-10 mana, which reduces your maximum mana pool by that amount, making you choose between active abilities and more mana. I don't think it would be healthy for the game to add in another layer
  13. Glitterhelm NMHC survival (20-25 gives about 50 mil exp. 15-25 gives about 90 mil) is going to be your best bet if you can't farm massacre. Campaign Massacre is going to give you more exp per hour, but only if you aren't struggling with it.
  14. You're not the only one on this. The game is being damaged because of some really significant details relating to what you brought up, I just didn't think this was the right thread to do it in. I had been thinking on a major overhaul of the game that would make it a lot more engaging, but I haven't really posted it because there is a very strong opposition to changing things from the original. Going back to the topic of sirens, I don't think they're healthy for the game. With every new difficulty tier, more and more towers become practically worthless. Apprentice towers are bar
  15. I like the points you raise. The siren essentially means that there shouldn't even be an option for a hybrid or builder character. Because you're just shooting yourself in the foot by doing so. A character like the siren works in DD2, because DD2 allows you to split your hero and tower stats on different gearslots completely. It's also severely limiting in solo play. You either have someone who can't address some of the random sirens that spawn because of the element you have, or you have a dps huntress and that's your only active hero.
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