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  1. ....huh? I was quoting a previous comment. What on earth are you talking about?
  2. Given that they fired their last one due to lack of sales, even though she was doing an incredible job and was basically handling all of the problems OP mentioned, I don't think that's a particularly grand idea. Sidenote: WHAT? They're rehiring this position now? I'm sorry, but bring back Mary please.
  3. The summoner had two pet slots, allowing him to double up on dps pets. So saying he only had towers isn't particularly correct. MU would only be acceptable if the minions despawned if you swapped out of the summoner, otherwise it's just another stacked layer of terrible balance. Make it tied to the hero mana rather than build mana, and I'd be down with it. Something like each minion costing 5-10 mana, which reduces your maximum mana pool by that amount, making you choose between active abilities and more mana. I don't think it would be healthy for the game to add in another layer of building points that end up becoming required to progress.
  4. Glitterhelm NMHC survival (20-25 gives about 50 mil exp. 15-25 gives about 90 mil) is going to be your best bet if you can't farm massacre. Campaign Massacre is going to give you more exp per hour, but only if you aren't struggling with it.
  5. You're not the only one on this. The game is being damaged because of some really significant details relating to what you brought up, I just didn't think this was the right thread to do it in. I had been thinking on a major overhaul of the game that would make it a lot more engaging, but I haven't really posted it because there is a very strong opposition to changing things from the original. Going back to the topic of sirens, I don't think they're healthy for the game. With every new difficulty tier, more and more towers become practically worthless. Apprentice towers are barely standing on their feet and that's only because the buff beam exists. Right now, we're at a point where it's just buff beamed traps and auras, because everything else just isn't worth it. You know, unless you're using gear easily gained from earlier exploits where your stats are in the 5k range, then yeah you can do whatever you want. Good luck to new players who didn't have that advantage.
  6. I like the points you raise. The siren essentially means that there shouldn't even be an option for a hybrid or builder character. Because you're just shooting yourself in the foot by doing so. A character like the siren works in DD2, because DD2 allows you to split your hero and tower stats on different gearslots completely. It's also severely limiting in solo play. You either have someone who can't address some of the random sirens that spawn because of the element you have, or you have a dps huntress and that's your only active hero.
  7. It's difficult to track, but yes it can happen to any projectile tower I've found. I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I only seem to experience it in survival, specifically because it only seems to happen after you've played many waves (in campaign you're done with the map before it can happen.) But it's entirely possible that this can happen in campaign, I just haven't experienced it yet.
  8. Not sure what to tell you at this point tbh, would have to look at the build you're using. Prior to the promenade nerf I would have agreed that summit is far harder, but with the buff beam summit is incredibly easy. The buff beam makes any map where you can clump many defenses together to be buffed all at once much easier. You can still somewhat do that in promenade, but it's significantly less than you can in summit, and summit has the same number of access points. More importantly, Summit's ogre spawns are far more consistent. You only get 1 ogre spawn on the north end, so most of your single target can be focused on the southern end for copters/ogres. Promenade has copters come from three different directions. Also summit drops the dragon pet, which is a great pet for entering into massacre with your squire.
  9. I'm actually curious, does it only drop on campaign, or is it added into the boss loot drop for survival? (For reference, boss maps have drop a random survival pet from their act maps on the end wave, so Alch Lab can drop a wave 25 version of the Rock)
  10. Could not disagree more. There is now zero reason to run that map. Summit is leaps and bounds easier to farm now. The DU change is actually a bit more than 30 just because the adjusted ogre spawns now means we also need barricades in two more entries. It might have been easy for masters in this game with overfarmed stats, but there are still other players who play this game, and promenade was a fantastic stepping stone map. Now there is literally no reason to run it, it doesn't drop a pet people use, and it's way harder than summit which is objectively better rewards.
  11. I've submitted a bug report on this and mentioned it in the Steam forums, but I figured this forum might have a bit more traction on this. Right now it's kind of a critical bug. DSTs (and sometimes other projectile towers) will cease firing. I'm not sure what is causing it, but the reflect beams in front of them should be enough to assume it's not spider webs, and even then spider webs are a temporary debuff, this bug seems to cause them to stop completely. I made a recording of it as well for people's convenience: This has kind of stopped me dead in my tracks in terms of progression. I'm trying to level up my EV and a DPS Huntress, because I need them for massacre, but the best sources of exp are now locked off to me.
  12. Agreed. Even though it may be an additive bonus now (which is a good change) it's still being balanced around using these beams. I mean, why WOULDN'T someone spend a measly 4 DU to buff practically all of their towers, you would be insane not to. Take Promenade for example, even with these really uncalled for DU nerfs, I get about 4 DSTs with a buff beam. That buff beam more than pays for itself. It's 1/2 the DU of a DST, and buffs their damage by around 50% or so. There is no situation in the world where I wouldn't choose to have this.
  13. Definitely doesn't fix it....but I'll at least take it. I really wish there was more documentation on the total changes right now. Because while I'm boosting my EV I have to figure out if a boost monk or a huntress dps is going to be what I need for massacre, but I have no idea how these buff changes will effect it. What I can say is that DSTs without a buff beam are still 100% worthless in massacre. And Sirens still make building pretty much entirely cc, because otherwise gas sirens ruin your day with sharken. It's a good step...we just need a lot more.
  14. I can't really say I blame him for coming to this conclusion. While it's certainly possible that there was some accident or hiccup, this is the state of the released patch after it went into delay to polish it up. I can understand CG being a bit disheartened by this kind of reaction, but I also can't blame someone when it's a pretty glaring issue.
  15. Would give you multiple likes if I could. Change isn't a bad thing, but undocumented changes are. It was rather glaring to me going into NMHC Promenade to quickly boost up my EV so I could try out massacre survival, only to realize I was about 4 dst's short. I hadn't noticed the DU change until that point. Then came the new ogre spawns as well, which was rather surprising to say the least. The ogre change I can live with, but the DU change feels way too harsh imo. Regardless, none of these changes would sting as hard if they had just been documented somewhere. These kind of surprises are not enjoyable when I just want to continue my progress from where I left off, but I can't because I have to go back and re-learn things. More to the point: if loot has changed as dramatically as it feels like (and people are reporting,) there is absolutely ZERO excuse to not inform players of this. We already learned from legacy gear that dramatic changes to loot offer huge disadvantages to people who didn't have a chance to farm the pre-nerfed loot. It's extremely unhealthy for this game to be balanced around loot that only some players have access to.
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