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  1. And NM4 requiring 4 DPS is not an imbalance how? Obviously I'm stupid. If builders shouldn't be promoted in NM4, why not just take builders completely out of the game?
  2. Honestly, using a DPS the entire time in NM4 is boring. I'm pretty sure even if defenses, say traps, received a 20% boost from a builder being in the vicinity of those traps, NM4 still would not be afkable. At least I could obtain gear on my monk, app, or wall squire (even though finding hearty at the moment is nigh impossible with the right combination). Builders out in the field in my opinion, is not a bad thing, and it would completely change the game, at least in the area which matters the most (NM4, incursion, and onslaught progression). The point of a builder is to actually build defe
  3. I can tell you didn't fully read Tristaris's post. He isn't asking for onslaught specific weapons to be "gifted" via activating a checkbox. He's asking to be able to have an onslaught style popup when you start any game (NM4 for example) so you can tell the game which character you would like to focus your gear drops on. This would help alleviate the issue which the current meta calls for because you literally are REQUIRED to sit on your DPS Huntress the entire time to complete high endgame maps. I'd rather have buffs (or bonuses) similar to what DD1 had so when I am on my builder in NM4, I
  4. All this loot! Fresh from NM4!!! 
  5. Only problem is, you've proven by, oh I'd say every other post you've made on these forums, you're just a troll. Nice try, you're stuck on insane mode would be my guess. Currently EZ farming NM3 at the moment. Oh how wrong you are.
  6. That's the saddest attitude to adopt, by definition. First the uber sphere isn't any hard to obtain just do your monthly quest plus daily quests and you have a free uber in no time. Second the game is not too hard, it's finally hard and yes a strategy game requires to use your brain and have an actual strategy. It was not intended that the whole game was possible to farm with only electric aura and huntress traps, it had to change and it finally did. Just learn to play the game, do what the tutorial told you to do and you'll see the game is not impossible at all. Playing the tutorial won't g
  7. I'll agree toward your plan! However, I'm altering the deal! To DD1 we shall go!
  8. You can shake your head when 15+ Orcs or Drakin laugh at you while your "defenses" try to whittle down 900k+ hp in NM4. Enjoy the "challenge" of everything being beyond overtuned, defenses getting gutted, while farming the same map with one ogre to progress. Sounds like fun. Also, I get that Trendy is understaffed (underfunded???), along with pushing out big patches, and trying to meet big deadlines, but this seriously (like MANY of the things), could have been easily tested with just someone taking 5 minutes out of their time/development to see if it actually works the way it's supposed to.
  9. Why would you assume you know their game better than they do? The only way to tune balance is to iterate on it. That means putting stuff in our hands that might be overpowered (or underpowered) and seeing how it plays. I think the build system is a good idea. Yes, it will be challenging to balance. No, it won't be impossible. People have a tendency to Chicken Little every time something is changed and it causes something to unbalance. There is only so much theory crafting you can do. There's a concept in software development called "analysis paralysis", wherein you spend too much time ponderi
  10. Not sure if you've seen this or not. Pretty nuts. Not sure how that happened.
  11. What did I just read. You choose to do Liferoot Forest, that proves nothing. You don't need to be NM4 quality to know it is the easiest map in the game. I have 30 less ipwr than required to queue for EG Hard Liferoot, but I can still solo it, with a 25 squire and a 50 huntress. If it is possible to do any NM4 map (other than Liferoot) with NM3 gears (or bare minimum required for said map), solo or group, without LSA, then I would truly believe that this is not just another publicity stunt from another elitist bragger. This is really what makes DD2's community, especially their forums, s
  12. Wipe all the gear with it. Do not turn this into dd1 again where something is ridiculously overpowered and even after fixing it you don't bother taking that gear out of the game. At the very least remove these passives off existing gear. Your reasoning for not wiping them is the same reason they gave in the first game and look how that mess turned out. I wouldn't call it "ridiculously overpowered". They also shouldn't take out the gear, nor do they need to. All they would have to do is raise the level cap to 75, and bam, all of the gear we've farmed is basically garbage due to the immense sca
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