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  1. dk what classes are best and all that right now but yeah I just need to get shards for defenses so I can push higher difficult stuff. I enjoy the abyss lord but heard monk fire towers are better?
  2. Had it from when I played a year ago. I am just now getting back into it No shards or anything from the new version of the game what can I buy with the gems to help me get going? I have 875 and won't be buying more until there is a sale. What is the best thing to help me progress quickly I can buy? Also, why would I buy standard chaos shards instead of chaos VI? what is the difference in all the levels of packs in the shop?
  3. currently live! come hang and get this community active
  4. Another way this could happen is we can select which bag each type of item automatically goes into so we don't have to sort later on both would be amazing honestly
  5. yeah sure its been suggested before but yeah that
  6. One day........... I hope to be 1/10th as cool as you. Maybe then my wife would actually love me. so siq breh I'll see. I'm gonna give it all a whirl later with a few tips from the thread.
  7. Well maybe I need to roll a new char since I rolled a monk to begin with My wife and I have been playing and its not bad but I still feel like we constantly have a lack of mana to build and upgrade for the difficulty of the monters Might just be me but meh Its just disappointing when a newer game seems to have digressed in certain aspects. Not to mention I can't do a pub game because of whatever crap is going on with the servers. only thing we can do is private. Assuming you mean the Stands and stuff with red shields above them as main? Grey shields are optional and you can lose those and
  8. As above I said even on normal. Its just too much. Monsters overrrun everything. Upgraded as high as we can with the garbage amount of mana that drops for building and upgrading. Maps are way to far spread so its hard to cover everything If I was brand new to this game I can honestly say I would quit after the 3rd map. Creators really need to re-evaluate this game for newcomers. I have extensive knowledge of the first two games and this one is still hard to get everything set up and running smoothly Sadly I am not too impressed. Between the difficulty and the issues with even getting i
  9. than it should be Even on normal on the 2nd map. The gear drops are trash and don't even allow for enough DPS output. What did people do to get through this? Grind first map til level 25?
  10. private games always load for me Sucks but, attests you can play
  11. Edit/ Didn't even think to ask, is it against TOS currently? Are people interested in watching? I'm rather new but will probably stream 2-3 hours a day easy. Would be open parties if anyone wanted to join as well. Will be about 5pm-8pm EST mon-fri and random times on weekends. I do heroes of the storm and Diablo 3 as well. Also, looking for active players! Www.twitch.tv/gnarstache
  12. I'd be interested in getting Myself and a few others into your guild if possible Wife is a noob, but the other three have been playing since DD. I play games about 5 hours a day. We all use a mumble server, which I own and would be open to this guild. I also frequent Heroes of the storm, Diablo 3. I livestream. I'm always willing to help others. If you think we would all be able to join I'd be happy in applying. /edit: tried to apply and it says my email is already in use....
  13. is not being able to play it. I click war recruiter, try to find session, and it just sits never joins I did private session and it works for the most part. zzzzzz aye bruh aye any current news on why this is happening? Saw a post from a few days ago with no response which is concerning to me..
  14. For real tho, do we get anything in game for playing since the original DD? Would be cool and what have ya. Anyways,,,,,,,,, I'm brand new to DD2 and was seeing if anyone had advice or wanted to play I have a mumble server for my Clan that we can use if anyone ever wants to use it is open to the public!
  15. Haven't been on in quite a few weeks now. Last time NM wasn't released and loot system was garbage. Anything fixed so this game is actually worth the time or should I go back to D3? Thanks looking forward to playing this again :O
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