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  1. The genre is loot/tower defense. You can't say you enjoy the genre then go on to say you could care less about what makes up the majority of the gameplay experience. Loot is what made people grind in all the DD games. They didn't play to beat the same maps over and over again with the same set ups just for fun. They wanted to feel powerful and strong, but it is kind of hard to do that when your only using blues and greens. Not being able to get good loot without grinding for months (unless you play for 5-10 hours a day) isn't encouraging.
  2. Yes, RNG is fair, but when the drop rates for build passives are so low that there is a 1% chance you can get a leg or mythical that is usable, it is also what makes people stop playing the game.
  3. I am confused as to what you are pointing out here. I said build passives and builds are one set of passives on all equipment, so I do not see what you are "lol"ing at.
  4. I feel like builds do not drop enough. One run of NM2 Liferoot will average about 1-2 pieces of armor with a build on it, and this is across all pieces of armor and all rarities. This is a problem when it comes to legs. Leg drop rate has been heavily reduced after the Alpha patch to the a drop rate I feel fits a legendary item, but when I need to get about 50 legs before I even see one with a build on it, it ruins the experience of getting a legendary. Instead of being excited when seeing a legendary drop I just get annoyed because I am reminded that there is close to no chance it has a build on it, and if it does, it will have stats I don't want on it. I feel like legs should be guaranteed, or have a 90-99% chance, of having a build passive on it. To balance it just make it common to get a low % for the passive and harder to get the highest % for the passive. This would make people keep farming even if they have the build because they would want the highest % and stats that go along with it. It would also make grinding more fun because it would make getting a legendary actually exciting and worth spending an hour to get.
  5. This would be fine if I was at Nightmare IV just trying to get the best loot possible. It shouldn't be like this when I still have 4 more difficulties and several more modes to play. If you have played the other DD games you would know that it wasn't that hard to get gear that was better than what you had and the loot dropped often so it was more entertaining to farm. When they took out drops from normal enemies and only put them on special, I thought it was a temporary fix. The fact that it hasn't been fixed or mentioned in the several recent patches leads me to think that they just did this to take the lazy way of extending their game's lifespan. DD1/DDE were great and they made a lot of good decisions when making it. It's like they lost their common sense of what is a good idea to put in the game and what isn't and they apparently lost all of their developing experience from making DD1/DDE because they can't put a mechanic in the game that is even close to working when it is first introduced. It's like they don't have a QA team or any internal testing at all.
  6. I just recently reached End Game with several characters leveled to 50. I knew about bosses only dropping loot before I got there, but I didn't realize how ridiculous this was. I am at iPWR 143 doing Liferoot on End Game Hard, which is iPWR 191. I thought I would be getting a decent upgrade to my gear but all that happened was I farmed for 20ish min to get about 10-15 pieces of loot. More than half of these were totems or rings, which I don't use because I want DP so towers do as much damage as possible since they fire so slowly, and if I was lucky enough to get armor it had hero stats. You could say I just have bad luck with RNG but it really doesn't help when no loot is dropping. I understand why they made bosses only drop loot, but to balance that they should've increased the number of bosses or increased the amount of loot they drop. But, ya know, I completely understand how fixing End Game and making people have some motivation to grind and play the game for a long time is less of a priority than adding new passives and skill spheres, or even adding the ever so important new sword idle animation.
  7. I have rerolled my pet several times to get the right stats and i realized that when you reroll it it doesn't just consume one of the pet reroll items, it consumes the whole stack. I would like to know if this is a bug or if the more you have, the better the stats are on the reroll. If it is the latter, you should be able to choose the amount of items you use.
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