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  1. So I enjoyed this game and have played it a lot (260+ hours) but I'm starting to reach a breaking point with how many annoying bugs there are that have been in forever that make the game so unenjoyable. The worst part is they definitely know about them and they're such small simple bugs that would take no time at all to fix. It just seems no one cares. And with how many there are, even though individually they're small, they compound to something extremely annoying and imo gamebreaking. I'm talking about bugs like on Summit where the Siren gets stuck in one lane and makes the entire lane
  2. Almost every part of the new inventory UI is just more annoying to use. First off its harder to see the rarity of items in your inventory. I used to be able to flip through pages and see how many transcendents I had and where they were in a second. Now i have to scan the little borders around each item. The worst part is the item stats. They are so unnecessarily annoying to read. All the information anyone cares about is clumped in super small text at the bottom of the description. And there's no good organization. I thought originally it was tower stats on the bottom and hero sta
  3. "We decided to screw over our backers that made this game possible instead of investing time into making the community happy because we wanted the release money. We could dedicate resources to finding a way to merge EA and new accounts into "Play" together down the line before we implement mods, but we have no plans to do that because we don't wanna. We don't care. We already have your money and pushing out new content makes us more money from new buyers where making our current community happy doesn't make us any" That sound about right?
  4. Except this is in the post i created and it is an exaggeration of kind of what I was saying. Ok, If you insist, I will apply it to you too so you don't have to feel left out. You don't have a valid complaint. There. Happy now? I was just saying that it made complete sense for me to think you were referencing me.
  5. Except this is in the post i created and it is an exaggeration of kind of what I was saying.
  6. Oh hai I don't care if you recognize it or not, I'm not wrong. I have never seen this much of a lack of communication ever. And its been going on for years. Even Hello Games had more communication. I remember a few months ago when I stopped playing and decided to wait for the update I looked at the forums and the entire first few pages were negative and the only one that had a response from devs was a positive one saying that all the negative posts were a bunch of cry babies. The dev response was a picture of salt saying the negative comments were just salt filled whiners. Quality commun
  7. You do realise they actually do have a a QA team right? I know it's hard to believe but they do. And a lot of problems with this update aren't even bugs they aren't really just common sense as to how a system should work and not be crap. The main problem with this update is that most stuff is working as intended. And when the majority of feedback for the update is negative, it' not just me. The problem is Trendy ignores negative feedback. If you look they only respond to positive posts or posts pointing out bugs. They never respond to negative feedback. Easily the worst developers I have eve
  8. Agreed! If it takes longer than a week to get max gear after an update, that's ridiculous. Trendy needs to address this issue immediately. I shouldn't have to spend more than a day tops to get max gear on all my characters. Playing the game for more than a couple of days is WAY TOO MUCH OF A GRIND!!!!1!11!! Sorry I'm not a Trendy *** sucker and will actually point out the flaws in their game. The reason this game has turned to *** is because of people like you who praise every awful decision they make. When I put 10-15 hours into a game and get 0 reward, there is something wrong. Getting 2
  9. I beg to differ. Just played a Chaos 4 with no armor stats higher than 760 with all my gear being >920.
  10. Well then you are one lucky soul. I haven't even seen anything close to my 5000 DP medallion that is fully upgraded. Only relics i see in chaos 4 are 3700. Armor is only around 750. Neither of those are better than my upgraded gear.
  11. Yeah but i don't have the gold for that. For example, i upgrade my helmet that has 800 AP to max, then i find and upgrade which is a helmet with 805 AP, then i upgrade that and get a helmet that is 810 AP, etc. The problem is that gear that drops scales to your gears base stats not the upgraded stats. I could have a 5000 DP medallion but since the base was 4000 i will only find medallions around 4000. I have yet to find a relic better than the ones given to me from the update.
  12. Except there is no point to upgrading gear because you will never find anything better than the upgraded gear so you will have to pick up stuff that's worse then upgrade it so it is better which requires a lot of gold. Completing 3 chaos 4 maps and 7 chaos 3s and not finding a single upgrade isn't over reacting. Especially when im getting chaos 1 and 2 shards instead of chaos 4 shards along with it. I just don't have the time nor want to sink 10 hours into the game to get 3 upgrades. I have found 2 good upgrades since the update came out. that is way to little.
  13. If that is true then I'm done with the game. The biggest upgrade in gear I've seen is about +10 on armor stats and +100 on relics, and those upgrades are 1 in a million. If the grind is really that slow then this game is possibly in the worst state its been since I've started playing. (I started around when Betsy came out and the level cap was 20)
  14. I have played several chaos 3 chaos 4 maps and the gear that drops on chaos 4 is no better than that of chaos 3, and if the are the upgrade is so minuscule it doesn't really matter. Does anyone else have this problem?
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