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  1. Well this has nothing to do with the tower and all to do with those ascension points so... pointless post that is essentially bragging. The problem now is all balancing keeps leaving all the people behind (forever) that didn't make use of all the *** before it gets nerfed.
  2. That would be fine if different playstyle has different advantages from a flat DP increase. The thing is that currently it has no advantage and will always be weaker. Don't forget that we only have 3 shard slots and that we have more than 3 available shards so we need to make a good use of every shard. If putting the current explosive arrows on archers (16.5% of DP/shot in average) means leaving aside a lot higher DPS (destruction, defense rate, vampiric empowerment), or more range (40% more range, meaning a lot more damaging area), then no thanks. Oh I completely agree, I just think that Trendy was aiming for base and more preference based shards. Though it doesn't work with only 3 shard slots, unless they were to add different types of shard slots, then we would be able to balance all the shards to their prospective types.
  3. To start you do not need to grind Ascension points, they are nice, and helpful but by no means required. each difficulty has a range of gear that can drop but how high you get in that range is based on what your average gear is on all your hero's in your hero deck. So what a lot of people do is after you build take all of the hero's out of your deck and keep your best geared in there to make sure your gear average is as high as possible to get the best drops.
  4. I am loving this breakdown. I feel like they are trying to make a base set of shards everyone wants, but then the weaker shards are more to change it up and make slightly different playstyles. I don't believe Trendy is trying to make them equal.
  5. Lmao you would have to try really hard to fail C2 with good C5 gear solo. I was showing a point, and yes you could you seem to think that a majority of players in this game are strategy oriented thinkers.. most are not even though they enjoy the game type. But thank you for contributing nothing to the thread.
  6. Well a lot of the issues that popped up in this update are valid, one of the ones looked over is that placement and strat are 100x more important than before, you can have c5 gear and fail in c2 if you're not finding a good build
  7. 500 posts I believe are listed for anyone that was like defense council or early on ( I don't remember but a lot of us started at 500 posts)
  8. Almost everyone who has supported the roller on these forums has also given feedback on how to fix it that's not just (this is to hard remove please.... which is the steam forum).
  9. Need to remember that there will always be a meta, and there will always be those who do not want to test or try out things. However I see this change to shards and such to be really good. It will allow (or should) more possible builds. So, yes there will always be a meta, but it doesn't need to be 99% of the playerbase.
  10. Forest Biome and BloodMoon are definitely the hardest maps in the game atm. (especially if pdt were fixed) Now that you've done the trial and error of learning the lanes, it really comes down to the boss. I usually set up past the bridge to make sure nothing happens to my defenses and my crystals. My dps heroes tend to have around 1k of both resists + sitting in Serenity Aura and the Tree for more dmg and healing along with making sure you have a decent health pool. In the end its just easier to have multiple people than to solo (mainly faster). If they could make it so the boss atleast trys to stay even level/above so hes not constantly going under ground I think that would help a ton.
  11. I'm sure these are things that will all make it into the game at some point, however it depends on where they feel they are in the priority. As these are more convenience type changes I feel they would fall down the priority list. I would love us to get some or all of this in the upcoming update, but I am thinking it will be after.
  12. Yeah my main concern is not about builder vs dps, Its the fact that he was based on being both for his direct command. So I wonder if they will make it only use ability power to scale? If it goes by ability power and the relic stats it will still not work well. It currently scales better with DP than AP so thats the problem.
  13. I know, just because we lose base stats but gain other types of stats.. in the end no difference.
  14. I haven't really seen any discussion on this, and hopefully I didn't just miss it in the dev stream. I loved the intial idea of the abyss lord and using his ability to temporarily make a defense really strong. However that build was based around DP/AP build, and I wonder if this is even going to be a thing any more? Are they going to rebalance this to be based on just AP? The abyss lord has been kinda a unique hero in that regard since it used both tower and hero stats for a version of his dps build.
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