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  1. I personally don't think that there should be selective color re-rolling. If we are going to use small coal I think 4 small coal and 1 regular coal should be the prices for a random re-roll. In regards to the whole "destroying the integrity of DD by changing it's rng nature" I honestly don't see a problem with this. This is a purely cosmetic machine. It isn't making the game any easier. No maps are going to be changed by this feature. If we were talking about item size then I would have a problem with it because that does affect gameplay, but we're talking about colors here. I think the commu
  2. I agree with Plane that EV walls shouldn't be touched. I don't think that minions should be tanked in an effort to make walls a viable option though. I like the idea of making sharkens an actual threat to minions though. I always thought that them being the only defense with a hitbox that was immune to sharkens was weird. I do not agree with element suppression on the magic blockade. Giving a 2DU wall the effects of a darkness trap is a no go for me. I, however, do like the idea of a magic effect being placed on the thing that is attacking it. It just seems to fit the apprentace to me. I thin
  3. Reading martiman's idea gave me an idea. This is probably going to be super unpopular but I had the idea of like a damage fall off, kinda like an anti-harbinger. The longer a lightning tower hits a target the less damage it does to it. This would allow the tower to still be the amazing waveclear towers we love them to be but not the ogre killers/boss killers they are now.
  4. Right now chain length does scale with range. Scaling is here. Unless I read that wrong. Pretty sure 75 range units at 10,000 tower radius won't cover a map.
  5. I've believed that Lightning Towers needed a nerf ever since the apprentace buff. I feel that they were made way too strong. However before I get into my opinion I'd like to share some data. People have some questions about LT scalings and some are saying that you need huge stats to make LT builds reasonable. You can look at the graphs yourself here and the raw data here (note that this data is collected without a buff beam so in the real world the stats would be even higher). As you can see you get get very op lightning towers with reasonable stats. The argument that "they are only op with i
  6. Off topic but I also support the guardian fix. On topic, I think tower stacking should stay. I am in the boat that if you don't want to use it you do not need to. While I do see the argument that tower stacking is basically cheating since you can put more defenses on a 4 du beam than should be possible. I just don't think it's all that big of a deal. I can't think of a single build I used that wasn't possible before I started using tower stacking. I just use it now because it is faster to use my stack macro than it is to place them all out evenly to be honest. In regards to limiting builds d
  7. I agree with the starting mana bump. I mean why not. It isn't like dread dungeon farming is going to start being the meta and the bonus starting mana would make it too op. The extra 100 starting mana is just a nice little bonus to new players. I don't see a real argument against it.
  8. I already made a post about polybius I'll bump it I guess. I would be willing to make a post about LT balancing.
  9. I haven't noticed any pathing issues on ToP other than fish wyverns getting stuck at that northern crystal and the occasional djinn getting stuck under the bridge when one gets on top of the other and they freeze themselves. I have never opened the secret room prior to beating the Kraken so I can't speak to that fact.
  10. I have also noticed this bug. I primarily notice that fish wyverns get stuck there a lot. I have even seen this in Temple of Polybius during the building phase so it isn't just with ToW.
  11. This post will mainly be a continuation of the discussion that was had on this post. The major thing to be discussed in this post will be the Kraken boss. For me, this boss has a little bit of controversy in it. On one hand I do enjoy the challenge it brings to the table with its unique mechanics, but on the other hand it is clear to me that it needs some polishing. I am making this post to try and get some feedback on the boss and see if there is a good public consensus to try and make some of these changes happen or find out if I am in the minority here. The Tentacles This point was origi
  12. Oh I was under the impression that you were able to get the proton beams to work by removing the .25 attacks per second. If you were able to get proton beams to work that way I am not sure it would count as much as a balancing change. Yeah it is giving more use to an already strong dps character, but it isn't allowing it to do anything that any other dps can't. It is simply making it so that an ability can actually hit a boss. When the bugfix for making blaster rifles actually able to hit the old one went through it wasn't a balancing change. I would personally put the proton beam fix into the
  13. It's not intentionally disabled. It's a bug. We can fix it if the community wants it, although as Travence points out it would be a balance change. I figured out how to make beam work against kraken on my local copy of DDDK tonight. Rain is also useless against kraken. That's because you can only damage a tentacle every 0.25 seconds. Because of this cooldown, if you shoot the tentacles with a rain, which normally hits 12 times (generic, fire, generic, fire, etc...), usually only the first of those 12 shots can hit, and it'll always be the generic damage because that hits first. So you g
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