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  1. Took a gander at that site & saw a lot of dst & lightning tower usage, I'm assuming they've been buffed? Cause I'm used to using harpoons & basically ignoring apprentice aside from the occasional fireball tower. Hearing the need for 5k stats hurts, you mention 2k stats being possible but does that hold true for the community maps? I do have a upgrader jester just didn't include her in the list as her stats don't matter much to me tbh. From my few tries on embermount my biggest issue is the boss, it's just the biggest HP sponge that I'm unable to kill before my defens
  2. Returning player here looking to regain my 100% of the steam achievements in DD1 however I'm getting absolutely steamrolled by the new community maps, so I've come here to ask for advice on how to complete them, which hero's do I need improvements on, or are these maps on nmhc for a select few truly hardcore dd1 players? Any & all suggestions are appreciated! Pics of all my used heroes below.
  3. Well I recently came back to the game with a friend, I made a abyss lord him a ev. Once we started going I quickly realized that these new chars are brokenly op & I was wondering why? I mean there's absolutely no way the devs didn't know that these characters were stronger then the base ones, I mean we did nm4 when we where lvl 46, something that shouldn't be possible. And so I make this post asking if there's a real reason why or if it's just the devs being silly trying to get people to buy the new strong chars.
  4. So I haven't played dd2 in awhile, last I played was when the harbringer came out. So I'm a bit interested in what new things have been added. Now the actual reason I'm making this thread is that I did pop into the game to look around to see what was new but other then the new hub, 2 new maps, & the 2 new hero's I couldn't find anything else which surprised me. I tried looking for new spheres but there weren't any, other then the new ones for ev/abyss lord, also tried looking up new builds but yet again there weren't any that I found. So I'm here to ask what has been added that I'm missin
  5. Sorry about not replying to those mega chicken offers, I did manage to trade for one though, saw a person using the legendary skins figured I'd ask if they had one for trade & they did so yay! Now I'd like to talk about towers. I feel that I gravitated towards the basic towers as I got further into the game, by further i mean nm. My go-to towers quickly became harpoons, aura stack, buff beam, reflects, ev wall, gas trap, explosive trap, & inferno trap. I would try to use other towers but I just couldn't find a situation to use them where I could with confidence say they'd out preform m
  6. Thx for the reply. I ended up doing kings game to lvl my builders as I can afk on my builders for the last few waves. I'd like to ask more about trading for a mega chicken though, first time trading for anything in this game. I want a decent one cause I doubt I'll ever do the survival for one & I'd like to know the general price for one. I was thinking 1 cube for a chicken but I have no idea if that's too much or too little.
  7. hmm a little update & more questions! I'm now able to do all the original campaign & shard maps solo on nm (minus crystalline dimension) which I think is decent. In fact I recently became able to solo skycity nm so I've been doing a run of that here & there hoping for a good monk wrench, sadly I don't do hc cause I don't trust myself not to die on the boss. I've also learned of the glory that is fish bowls, it's become my go to builder pet, very easy to get one on moonbase insane & much faster then tavern defense insane pure strat. Something else worth noting is I've become abl
  8. I believe this bug has been in the game the moment pets got released, so it's known & won't get fixed anytime soon. Still useful for newer people to know about though. Edit: forgot to mention but nice 60/60 pet!
  9. Spoiler: https://i.imgur.com/2WyMnrs.jpg Thanks a bunch! I managed to get to the boss using that harp setup, I did fail but that's only because my dps was too squishy, guess I can't be cheap & need to up his resistances. Again thx for all the help :)
  10. Thanks! I actually got a lupine from insane kings game before asking, but the ones I found there where always godly & had too little ups to be viable mana generators, I'll have to give those other maps a go or try one on survival. I looked up a build & I think it may be the same one your talking about or similar, but it wasn't working for me. The issues I was having where east getting hit by ogres randomly when they were attacking the harpoons & on west sometimes there'd be a ogre build up & my harp would fail to attack one ogre letting it get by & to the crystal. So any p
  11. Well things have been going pretty smoothly for me so far but I'd like to ask for a couple tips. Also good news I've decided to drop making a barb, I like my monk too much, but I've decided to lvl a jester to be my upgrading char (manually picking up mana sucks :P). First thing would be where can I get a decent lupine bow? Second is tips for akatiti jungle, I'm just having a hard time figuring out a build for it. Main problem I'm running into is ogres with their massive range hitting the crystal. Third, where can I farm for decent accessories? Thx for any answers!
  12. Hmm I want the hero deck to stay & to go down to one character, that's right just one. I know it won't happen but it'd be interesting if you could only bring one character to a match, though it'd be impractical atm.
  13. Thx for the offer but I'll have to decline :/ I'll be doing my play through extremely casually & I can see myself stopping randomly ect so I wouldn't make a good group member. It's no biggie. Actually while on the subject of towers I'd like to ask a few things. What wall would you recommend, & why? Are walls worth it? Are shock beams worth it or should I stick to gas traps? Thx for any responses! I should mention that I'll be using everything but summoners, & from the replies so far that should work which is great news for me. I also plan on using a dps/boost monk for general
  14. So I'm thinking of playing from scratch without using the summoner because I just don't like what my defenses become once he's used (summoner walls), & I want to know how far you can reasonably get without using the summoner? For example through regular play would it be possible to beat shards nm?
  15. why is a new hero locked behind a paywall a bad thing? all new heroes for DD1 were locked behind a paywall (DLC) along with new maps as well. why do you deserve free content, even though im pretty sure it was mentioned that there will be a method for people to earn the heroes Yes but I don't buy dlc characters, only way I'll get them is when they are in the special addition that has all dlc. I'm also not saying I deserve anything just that I'll leave the game cause it puts a sour taste in my mouth. Reskinned hero costumes cost 40+ bucks. I can't imagine what a new hero with new towers, and
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