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  1. Update: this dropped for me, its my first base legendary Rock and ive been farming for fucking ever, lol. ... And its still not good(TM). For now it resides on my Trapper as I primarily use her for Smoke and Darkness traps which dont require power.
  2. Giraffe on a Treadmill drops from the final Wave 25 chest no matter which map or difficulty you complete.
  3. Nearly half of this was spent farming this stupid pet. These are my best rocks. 5 out of probably 75+ runs.
  4. Aye, Its as I guessed. I shouldve finished reading the thread. But I'd not assume that any UnrealEngine4 game would work on anything less than a GTX 760. And with this being an early access title lacking optimizations, I'd most likely not attempt playing with a GPU weaker than a gtx 960. Sorry you are stuck waiting, my friend.
  5. Your CPU is strong enough, the integrated GPU will likely struggle badly.
  6. It drops on Every difficulty. Sounds like a bug if you didnt get it, I've never seen it NOT drop. It is in your final chest, did you forget to loot it at the end? Giraffe on a Treadmill is a wave 25 pet. Map doesnt matter, completing survival wave 25 will always drop a giraffe in your final chest.
  7. Currently it resets after a patch and/or after some crashes. My game rarely crashes, so ive only run into this after updates. But many people report this happening after crashing.
  8. Split screen was in, but it wasnt finished. People were complaining about it in the beta as it was broken and buggy, so CG disabled it recently, as its not currently a focus of on-going testing at this point. It'll likely be back later on in the year.
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