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  1. As stated I've gotten a +35 giraffe. Problem is, even without the speed penalty, they really need to roll 60-120 for each stat in order to make them competitive to Mista Mine.
  2. I was testing and found that if you "G" up on wave 25 without looting the chest at the end, you never recieve the loot/pet. I believe the wave 25 chest should auto-open at the end if you G up so that autoloot can sift through the rewards. Luckily, the Giraffe is super awful right now, despite currently being the hardest pet to obtain, so no big loss. But none-the-less, I cant imagine you are supposed to just lose your completion rewards at the end of survival should you accidentally ready up.
  3. 112 for 99 power 86 range 72 d.rate 103 skill. Crap rock, but I use it on my Apprentice Waller. A friend of mine has one w/ all tower stats around 150. Thats the dream. Though I hear they can roll stats up to 200.
  4. Dunno. I went from Medium to hard and had zero issues all the way through. If anything, a little more challenge wouldve been nice. I pretty much just harpooned besides apprentice walled all the way from medium to insane. And only had to change up strategies in survival. Note: Not a brag. Just saying its likely to do with your gear and strategy more than the ogres being overtuned.
  5. The sad part was, Gems were really cool pets for boost monks to babysit nodes. They really overdid things with the massive nerf to gems. They were obscenely overpowered before. But they shouldnt have been turned into vendor trash. Its almost as if CG decided it was too much work to properly balance them, so instead, they gutted em.
  6. The pets were broken and needed rebalancing. They got that. And im glad. However, its pretty lame that the meta is now still just Pro Cat and a lucky rolled Mista Mines. At least before, we also had Gemstones. Now the Gems have literally been made garbage.
  7. I agree that assassins should seek and destroy players and only go after the core once they've killed a player, BUT, a big problem right now is simply how fast they get by wave 20. The can leap across the whole map and one-shot your core. Its really game breaking on some maps, and even ensnare barely slows them down at those levels. Most towers cant track fast enough, and the main one that can (DST) cannot be made to focus assassins. This is off topic though, and should be in another thread of its own to discuss honestly.
  8. Ninja/Assassins are game breaking on this map in particular, especially if you are trying to solo.
  9. The point is, it isnt working properly, brother. Nobody is asking for a larger radius or more damage. Its simply not functioning properly.
  10. The Prop Cat seems pretty fair now. My damage is boosted by roughly 300% or 3 times. Before, I was being boosted over 3000% or 30 times. It was obscenely broken. The main issue here is that they nerfed prop cat and weapon damage the same time. My weapon went from being power level 3800 to power level 2500 and my damage went from a base of 32.6k to 8.4k... So not only was Prop cat nerfed, but so were all my weapons. Now my huntress tickles ogres on 4p Survival waves 15+. I get toning down damage... but I think Chromatic went a bit overboard with the nerfbat and ruinning people's fun. Its one thing to make things reasonable again that were unreasonable. But entirely another to take away a childs candy and then spit on him for good measure. The pet needed nerfed and is fine now. Weapon scaling was a bit too strong overall, but damage wasnt. You shouldve upped base damage of weapons then scaled back the effectiveness of upgrading weapon damage. Instead, they just made my dps huntress the least viable dps character in the game, lol. No way I can compete with the damage of a tower now.
  11. It was intended, but i think they over nerfed them. They went from being overpowered to literally useless.
  12. Summit is def the worst map for it. Random assassins soar through the sky and one shot the crystal. They should prioritize players over crystals imo. Its already pretty unfair that the can just jump over towers and walls. Dont get me wrong, I like assassins, but not being able to deal with them when they can run a million miles a second on wave 20, and jump 15 stories in the sky, is pretty retarded.
  13. Its not good, because its broken. All towers should be viable though. Lightning tower is so broken that nobody uses it because it so unreliable. It doesnt need a buff, it just needs to function properly in the first place.
  14. They are slow but do massive aoe. Thats the trade off of the tower, friend. You could make a harpooner if you wanted, but you'd lose the AOE in favor of pierce. Theres a lot to complain about, but Im not sure this is one. If one tower was the best at everything, it'd ruin the game/strategy/meta/fun.
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