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  1. uh no, that means they don't want people to dissect the map or use cheats to get the items until 5 nov.
  2. It was already said that the halloween stuff will be available for people who play on open on nov 5 (they may have said after nov 5). Either way, nov 6 you should get it.
  3. If you're playing in open mode therein lies your problem. Seriously it is a master stroke of epic trolling to have it only available on ranked. ooooh.. I see, thanks! That kinda sucks actually... I've only played on open so far with my friends... T.T Ya that kind of sucks only having it in ranked :( I've only played open also they already stated that it will be available for open on nov 5 costumes where are they i can't find in my item box :( When trying to create a game, you can pick which hero to start with. You can also edit your hero's costume and color scheme from there.
  4. you can't say ****d? I also can't say it. I guess it's too similar to a certain word
  5. I don't personally need it, but not against it either. Need a good place to put it though.
  6. huntress already get flamethrowers. Well at least one flamethrower anyway and I suspect there are probably some more out there.
  7. i'm not sure it's capped so much as the effect is reduced as you put more points into it.
  8. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4963-*Current*-Patch-Notes-7.03-10-19-2011-(8-00pm) sticky thread is right there, although I suppose the title doesn't mention that it also contains patch 7.04 notes
  9. Doesn't saying every class is OP defeat the meaning of OP? that's the whole point
  10. i think we need to know the steam names, because afaik the character names are not unique.
  11. Just because people outside can't be bothered to be decent human beings, doesn't mean it's okay to be a massive failure. that's a good argument, but I still think people need to relax about squire boxers and huntress low skirt :P like I said when playing the game you barely look at that part of the screen anyway
  12. for the UI, read the patch notes for 7.04 here: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4963-*Current*-Patch-Notes-7.03-10-19-2011-(8-00pm)
  13. In my opinion it should not matter if you in early game or end game content, if playing with friends I would think its best that everyone is the same level. that is an unrealistic expectation. Some people play more than others and some people are simply better players who do things more efficiently and so advance faster. I'm not so sure about that, I was about 5-7 levels ahead of my brother when I played as Squire at later levels, he just take so much of the exp that other suffer from it. I also mentioned difficulty levels, not just later maps. Here's a real example, a couple of days ago,
  14. I just did deeper well, got around 38k
  15. you're only lvl 14 and probably playing the first 3 - 4 maps in easy or medium, on later levels and difficulties monster exp makes very little difference. This is only rough numbers, but say you're playing deeper well insane, total monster xp is like 1k to 1.5k and total exp for clearing all the waves is something like 35 - 40k. That's solo, now assuming 4 people means 4 times as many monsters, monster xp is still only like 6k. And with 4 people I believe the exp you get for clearing waves also goes up, so the ratio will likely stay the same. And that's just deeper well, imagine the later ma
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