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  1. I agree with this. I wanna also add, I have tried beating the boss 5 times, one time the game disconnected everyone randomly, the last time, one of my walls got nuked instantly. It was not normal damage, but it just got one hit while I was watching it. It was just normal number of enemies there, but wall got one hit. The wall was 350k+ hp wall on Nightmare 2.
  2. I have a GTX 980, running 140+ fps most of the time on all high, except, one mistake people make is not turning of *Dynamic Shadow* this thing kills all your fps at the moment. I still run unstable, some fps drops with 900+ enemies on the map, borderless is broken and alt+tab makes the game stutter the rest of the map.
  3. What if you have somewhat the same trophy display as in DD1 and when you finish them all you get a big one in the middle like in DD1, but you can jump on top of it and from there jump on to a ledge or something that leads to a secret room with lots of cool stuff inn. That would be cool and could take a long time to figure out.
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