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  1. Have been out of the game for a while but here's to the community!
  2. My question is what Uber should I get, I have 60 token a tower app and dps huntress Working on the monk
  3. I meant hero dps ult chain 2 but liquid outbid me
  4. Goblin copters decide to stay out side of akatiti
  5. I'm not entirely sure, but ++ weps are just weird and the stat were just hacked, (dont think the ups were).
  6. Thank you all for the positive comments, and that will do, Ill just keep farming my ass of and I think ive finally got rid of anything that was hacked. Ill keep working my self up there, thanks anyways guys :)
  7. Hello everyone in the dungeon defenders community. I would like to tackle a very big topic that has been going on for a while, whether I hack or not. This has been a very controversial topic upon the whole community for quite some time. I wanted to make this tread to clear the air about a lot of rumor and also to tell all the people that think I hacked gear, that I simply don't. I want to be apart of the community and be able to make auctions, bid on auctions ect.. without anyone have doubts about anything being hacked. I understand that I had had hacked gear in the past and lets be honest her
  8. These are super rare to come by, after seeing this farmed for at least 7-10 hrs and got a ultimate one with no good tower stat :/, good luck finding one.
  9. Possible Isnt this like really sketchy? Wouldn't it require like 3 of the 3 stats to be over 310? ik thats why i wanted to check the triple cap i think needs at least 300 ups not sure :) I'm not an item checker but theoretically, if all stats can spawn at 328 which I believe is cap up to ult+, then it would require 276 ups. Thats saying all of the stats were at 328.
  10. Possible Isnt this like really sketchy? Wouldn't it require like 3 of the 3 stats to be over 310?
  11. Unblocked to acen and harry.
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