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  1. I hate to keep bringing this up, I simply feel it needs further discussion. Can we expect to see reward for building a character around player damage, or is DD2 stepping away from that element of the game? I personally feel as though I am playing a standard tower defense game with a 3rd person camera as opposed to top down. The hero's themselves could be taken out of the game completely and we wouldn't see much difference in gameplay.
  2. I too am on my 11th imphant in a row, hatched the ladyfriend's first creeper egg for her while she was at work... Flickerwick..
  3. I have to almost completely disagree with you here, betsy boots exploiting is an irrelevant point. There is no content in the current game that players are unable to accomplish without the boots. Realistically speaking, they don't even speed up the process. I gain 25-30 seconds a run on betsy when using the boots due solely to wave 5, rather than taking 25 seconds to kill her it happens in 2. Any new player to any game is going to start with everyone ahead of them, if you aren't the first person to download and don't spend 18 hours a day on it, you will always be behind, welcome to gaming. A wipe might not upset me, disappointing yes, but what reason does anyone see for a wipe? I don't see one in the games current state. Also, not to jab at you directly, but give me a break, who buys an early access game just to help shape the game. We buy games to play them, sometimes we are glad we helped the dev's, sometimes we aren't. Please don't post comments just for the sake of doing so, that is in very poor taste and doesn't help the game in any way
  4. I can't agree with Le Drew, Dungeon Defenders is not just another tower defense game, it never has been, and I hope it never will.
  5. This post has caused more thinking than I care to do at one time, DD1 frustrated me and I have a hard time looking past it. I was banned from trendy servers for using a pet that I traded, apparently its size had been altered to be smaller, maybe it was an obnoxiously large size roll originally, who is to say. Then came DDE, which to most, myself included, was a joke. I do have to say that there were times in DDE with gamebreaking patches and broken training dummies that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Running City in the Cliffs over and over allowing everyone to level up characters entirely too fast, sitting in taverns answering question after question for the poor souls who were experiencing DDE as their first Dungeon Defenders experience. All in all though, my favorite part has been the wait on DD2, I have accomplished so much in the time I spent waiting, played so many great games, its been good!
  6. Not sure but I heard Path of Exile has some new content, probably gonna check that out and play in the new 3 month league until DDE gets sorted out.
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