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  1. Setting it to low just fixed it. This must be a newish bug with the modem firmware then because the pc i am playing the game on is in the dmz which should completely bypass that setting same with manually forwarding required ports.
  2. Can't create a log, game refuses to make one even when following the faq on how to make one word for word. Also changing timeouts doesn't do a thing. Also, what is the normal wait times for support. They replied to my ticket asking for a dxdiag file and they haven't said a word since then, has been almost a week now. Been having this issue for nearly 2 weeks total now and possibly longer but that is when i came back to the game from a several month break.
  3. Still broken here as well, also no reply from support in several days.
  4. I seriously can't understand why devs think this is cool. Paying for a random chance is bad enough, paying for a random chance that could be something you already have is even worse, but if that duplicate has zero use for anything and can't be traded and can only be thrown away that is beyond pure evil and is straight up theft in my eyes.
  5. Welcome to the reason i will NEVER spend a single penny to open boxes either in this game or any other game that uses the same kind of system.
  6. Not sure if you have tried but use ctrl+v to paste it. Can't really help much beyond that since i am currently unable to play the game (stupid timed out error).
  7. Been getting this as well. Decided to come back about a week ago after taking a several month break and have been unable to login at all because of this. Will get the log. Edit: Game won't create a log file even when following the instructions to the letter. Will try a few more times anyway. Edit 2: Still can't get it to create a log file.
  8. That's exactly my situation. Just trying to use these various codes. I can't even get anyone on an official capacity to respond. Forums, Steam Discussions, support ticket, social media.... It's as if they don't care because they already have my money. Really wish there was some legal route to take against companies that don't fix broken games. Ya, i took a break from the game shortly after the Halloween update and decided to come back cause of the new class and the promo codes. Just can't get on and have tried absolutely everything and nothing fixes the time out error i get when trying to ent
  9. The timeout error is the one i have been getting. Would be nice to at least get on even for a second to use these promo codes before they expire.
  10. It is absolutely on their end, was working perfectly fine the last time i tried to play this game but decided to come back after this patch and can't get on at all. Have tried reinstalling the game several times, have tried deleting and making sure every trace of the game was removed before reinstalling, tried restarting pc countless times, have tried screwing around with my network settings and router/modem. Not a single thing has fixed it. Have zero issues with any other game or program. Just because it only happens to some people DOES NOT mean it is not an issue on their end, something THE
  11. Keep getting timed out when trying to get into a tavern (both private and public), doesn't matter which region i pick it still times out. Edit: Just fully redownloaded the game and still no dice.
  12. Condition 1 is the only reasonable one there. I don't think i have even gotten 40 total turkey legs since i started playing this, 40 in a single month just wont happen unless they significantly increase the drop rate. The 50 tokens is also pretty bs, that would require doing the daily almost every single day and hope every daily you get gives tokens, again unless they change something to let them drop elsewhere other than farming onslaught. Unless the monthly is completely changed i doubt i will even try to complete it next month. Also doesn't help that one of the most bs monthlies yet is als
  13. Only thing this feature is currently useful for is a pet egg bag, everything else it is pretty much worthless. No way to have all pet reroll tokens, food and evolve materials to go into a single auto loot bag. No way to have both armor and weapons blue and above to go into a bag. The main thing i wanted from this was to set a bag ONLY for pet related stuff since that is given the lowest priority so it gets deleted in favor of trashy gear, would have also liked to have auto loot completely ignore white gear and lockboxes as well instead of flooding my bags with them. They need to make the filte
  14. Just jumped back on after taking a few week break and so far every single drop is ilvl 0 in insane endgame. Edit: Also just got an endgame chest with absolutely nothing in it.
  15. It isn't just blue/green mana that gets deleted, it is also gold. Happens in both single player and multiplayer and has been a bug since the patch that increased the level cap to 50 and possibly longer but can't remember. Very rarely will stuff stick around but when it does it is usually the first wave (the second build phase) and then every wave after that stuff gets deleted if not picked up. I am shocked that they haven't fixed this yet and even more shocked that i don't recall them ever acknowledging it.
  16. Wrong thread buddy, this is about the search here on the forums. But on topic, it seems to be working now. *knocks on wood*
  17. The big part to keep in mind here as well is the second update is PLANNED for the 27th, so if that doesn't come out then everyone putting this off until then will be boned big time.
  18. That's the problem though, it isn't hard, just far too grindy and luck based. The grinding part kind of blows since u have to play 25 maps when there is only 5 maps to play meaning you need to replay, A LOT, althought ive already finished the 25 incursions part of the monthly, the luck part though not really, i think u will be surprised how easy it really is, its been 2 days and i am past halfway through the full monthly, people just dont like doing it i guess :/ Did about a dozen matches today and 0 skeletons. That is the problem.
  19. Ok, search works now but whenever i click a result it tells me i need to be a pre-alpha player to view it.
  20. That's the problem though, it isn't hard, just far too grindy and luck based.
  21. Was just in a hard onslaught for about an hour and a half and got zero affection levels on a 0/10 pet.
  22. That was pretty ez , take a pet, make it to 3, take another pet, etc. since u needed to hatch 15 eggs, u got 45 pet affection levels easily :) By easy you mean run a map half a dozen times per 3 levels then ya that is easy. I don't have the kind of time or patience to run several hundred full matches to get the full 75 affection levels. I am at nearly 50 so far and don't know how much longer i can deal with this crap. I was hoping they would do something about this ridiculous monthly requirement but with the month nearly over and still not a single thing about affection levels makes me mad.
  23. Search doesn't work for me, when i type something into the search and press enter i don't get any results at all and no error messages, nothing happens at all.
  24. Maybe he meant he was playing private? If what you are saying is correct it makes sense that choosing random map in a private match would always choose the first map. Must have misunderstood him then, but ya would still explain why he keeps getting the first map.
  25. i dont think it true, there a lot of players that play at the same that, i think there bug on that system, i suggest to check this What i am saying is that since there are almost always people on the first map it is always picked since random seems to check maps in order rather than randomly choosing one and checking for matches. but i was alone... wasn't match... it just always pick the firstm with our without session Yes but did you back out and check the other maps? Usually when random tosses me in a solo match on the first map and i back out and search for the other maps individually
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