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  1. Did some research, they were supposed to be handled to people that bought the game before the 1.0 launch, which I think people that backed the game count as those as well. I didn't receive those costumes, at least I can't use them in the game, even though it was mentioned a month of two ago that they'd be manually distributed to those people.
  2. It pains me to see how the update turned out. It feels like too much thought and work was put into the mechanics of the reworked onslaught and not the players themselves. However, on the bright side (and what I can see), I can hope for a bunch of rebalances and additional tweaks to the game. I love every idea suggested so far in this thread, and I hope that they'll see the light of day soon (I'm getting frustrated losing an hour of attempts just because I didn't play my cards right). I'd love to see a slight nerf to some of the buffs monsters get because some of them (phasing, wall leech, cont
  3. It's more than disastrous because of a few things: 1. Monsters (and more importantly bosses) are capable of phasing through barricades. 2. Bosses are capable of spawning with wall leech allowing them to heal roughly 7m at the very minimum per hit. 3. Three-map system in order to progress to the next floor, and you have to start the floor over if one of the stated above gets through and you don't notice. 4. Lagg is awesome (it might be on my end, but still, it's not that bad to begin with). Great update, 10/10. Would start my floor over again. PS. The experience gain seems nice at the very lea
  4. Nerfed passives, broken spheres. If you have anything else that you would like to share with us that is broken, tell me, I'd like to know that as well.
  5. So, I evolved my Autumeow and instead of Cyclone skill, it received a Encouragement (not that I complain), still I think it's not supposed to work this way or I might don't understand premium pets.
  6. It doesn't double, it adds a small number of pet damage and empower stat, it adds from 0 to the value you have after evolution.
  7. Its pointless to want a more friendly community? how silly from me.. Everyone is tired of what is happening with the game so far, some people are done already because of crashes and others because of balances and unexpected errors/bugs/glitches... I'm always on edge because since Loot and survive I crash but my crashes are quite unusual (for other probably as well), it's not like I play and just wait for crash to happen, I know that I will crash in tavern after certain time or after a mission but NOW it's just dumb, 1s in tavern and bam, done... crash... always...
  8. Not sure about it but crash logs are saying otherwise. Yesterday's Script Crash Log Content. (Before Hotfix) Script call stack:Function UDKGame.DunDefPlayerController:ClientAddRemoteHeroEquipmentFunction UDKGame.DunDefPlayerReplicationInfo:ClientAddRemoteHeroEquipmentFunction UDKGame.DunDefPlayerReplicationInfo:AddEquipmentFromNetInfoFunction UDKGame.HeroEquipment:CreateEquipmentFromNetInfo Today's Script Crash Log Content. Script call stack:Class Engine.DefaultPhysicsVolume I have 2 of these that contain this (today's script crash logs)
  9. 1) Break game completely so some people can't play. 2) Break 90% of the game so you can't progress. And you want from us to stop being negative... Let me play dammit, can't get past 1s of tavern before crashing qq.
  10. Hotfix ? Rather a instant crash on start up... (at least there)
  11. 1) Is it necessary now/in future to have playverse as part of the game. 2)Will there be a way to choose between playverse and steam login (not both at once as it is now) 3)Could playverse itself cause crashes for some of us (This might be a case there, back in DDE before playverse got purged from there my game was crashing every 30min of gameplay, after playverse got purge it works without a single crash) I'd like to hear answers, thanks :)
  12. Alpha and beyond completely locked me out of both private and social taverns, instant crashes. Tried everything to gain access to the tavern even for like few minutes before crash (like it used to be before crash), sadly I can't get into a tavern...
  13. As title says, after loot and survive I had mostly crashes in few maps and tavern mostly, right now I'm crashing almost every wave.. is there anything that could reduce the crashing ?
  14. My friend found legendary chest, I hope that counts. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497086008 Tell me if it's broken.
  15. It fixed itself for me when i equipped another pet, and re-equipped the evolved one. What exactly got fixed when you re-equipped your pet, mine had I think if I recall exact stats correctly 65 defense power and 67 defense health before evolution and after that it had exact same stats unless it raised them by other ammount than 100%, if it is a visual bug it really got me there :/
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