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  1. Those really genetic passives need to simply be removed. They're just stats disguised as passives. That was sort of my point. I don't care if they call them passives or stats, but they're currently the only way to increase defense/hero crit chance, increase defense range beyond the base 50 points, etc. I doesn't matter to me how they're displayed on the item, but anything that's not effectively a stat should be a sphere.
  2. Personally, I'm okay with some of the passives on gear, the really generic ones like defense/hero crit chance, harden/nullify, and vector corrector (which should not be squire gear only as it currently is and should apply to aura/trap radius as well), but the class specific ones like Hearty Blockade, Empower, etc. should all be spheres. Most importantly, the specific, farmable class legendary passives like the PDT Huntress Bow should be Uber spheres or removed/reworked. Right now, at least a few of them impact the way you build your defenses and such so significantly that attempting to balance higher difficulty scaling without assuming that those abilities are in play is pointless. In a similar vein to the OP, I think the Hero Deck mechanics need a rework. Right now, there's entirely too much leeway in builds due to being able to switch heroes in and out of the deck during the build phase. You should be able to fiddle with your hero deck until the end of the warm-up. After that, you should be locked into the four heroes in your deck for the rest of the map. This alone could solve at least some of the problem with multiple Colossi or multiple Volcanoes. You could still have 4 of them, but you'd be limited to one class in your deck to do it. Right now, what should be a serious strategic implication to which heroes are in your deck and how they're built and geared is reduced to irrelevancy.
  3. Why not? Don't you have a Toxic Shock bow? Nope. Where does that come from and what's the suggested iPwr requirement to clear that map/incursion now that incursions can only be played on NM?
  4. That's sort of my point. If you need two different builders (one of which doesn't even come with the base game) in gear that is well beyond anything through NM1 at least, and with a specific passive just to get any real benefit out of either tower, then you have a flawed design. 1. It's counter-intuitive. If I'm going to spend 40 DU on something, I expect to get 40 DU worth of benefit out of it. I expect to get, at minimum, a Flameburst tower's worth of dps out of my investment (assuming I had the minimum 100 IQ necessary to figure that putting a Boost Aura down so that it hits as many dps towers as possible was a good idea). Instead, I get less. Maybe a little less, maybe a lot less depending on how I structured my set-up. It's also counter-intuitive to assume that Boost Aura and Buff Beam will stack, especially in the way it actually does. 2. It's too much work. I'm not running down number crunching. I sat down with a spreadsheet this morning to crunch some numbers on this and had a good time doing it. However, that should be about optimization and squeezing that last little bit of efficiency out of my gear to help me get past a challenge, not about making a generalized decision about whether this is a tower worth using, or just a dead button on my bar until I'm halfway through NM3. 3. At least at my gear level, this just makes the monk a very sub-par class. Lightning Aura is garbage. It's too small and does too little dps for the investment. Boost Aura is a net loss in nearly all cases. Serenity w/o either the slow passive and/or a specific legendary weapon is only really useful on boss maps and certain onslaughts. SGT is, admittedly, awesome. Your active skills are fun, but you don't compare in damage output to Proton Cannon or just getting a 4/s bow on a dps huntress, and you have to be out in melee to even try it. Compare that to any of the other 3 base classes, all of which have at least two viable builds. [[131681,users]]-Sha-Bom That may be true (haven't tested it), but that's still not really realistic. Unless I'm really mistaken, the poison portion of PDT doesn't stack unless (as you said) they're built by different people, and the poison portion is the bulk of the PDT's damage. I can't defend a choke on relevant content with just a single PDT, so I'm going to have other towers there. The question is, do I get more dps by adding a Boost Aura to my collection of towers or some other 40 DU attack tower (i.e. Flameburst), and the answer is add another Flameburst. This is, in fact, the exact first test I did: which is greater 1 Ballista, 1 PDT, & 2 Flameburst or 1 Ballista, 1 PDT, 1 Flameburst, & 1 Boost Aura. It's the first one.
  5. I did figure that out yesterday, actually, and you're right. It does help tremendously, even if it is very counter-intuitive. That said, I bought this game as soon as it released on Steam (what, 2 years ago?) and then just sort of got busy with other things. Right now, I don't really have the money to spend on in-game currency for extra slots or new heroes, so I'm a little limited on what combos and such I can use. [[77157,users]] I agree that they need to fix the Colossus issue, but didn't mention it because it's been brought up in so many other threads. That said, while the implementation could use some work, the mechanic itself is a very exciting concept and dovetails very nicely with the more dynamic and engaged play style the devs are aiming for over the DD1 afk-fest. I honestly think it could work very well with Boost Aura, allowing you to flexibly choose where to significantly bolster your defenses from one wave to the next.
  6. Okay, I did some testing on this in the tavern. So far as I can tell, at least at my gear levels, there is no realistic cluster of towers where a boost aura is ever useful. The only semi-reasonable configuration I could find was 4 ballista + boost slightly outclassed 5 ballista, but given space and DU restrictions, that's an unlikely scenario. I'll continue to test as my gear improves, but to me this suggests Boost Aura needs to be revisited. I think a good solution might be to buff it pretty significantly, but make it like the Abyss Lord's Colossus so you can only have one out, but can move it from wave to wave to cover the busy lane. As it stands right now, without very specific gear passives, a freshly leveled Monk builder is only useful for SGTs and the occasional Serenity Aura on boss levels. That's a flawed design.
  7. Hey all, I tried a search on the forum for this but didn't find what I was looking for, and I don't know enough about the underlying math of SAS points into various towers to figure it out in Excel. There must be a break-point in stat progression where the increased dps of a Buff Aura is a better expenditure of 40 DU than one more dps tower. Where is it, or how do I go about calculating it? For example, when I play solo I run a deck of 1 Waller Squire, 1 Tower Apprentice, 1 PDT Huntress, and 1 DPS Huntress. When I play with my regular group, I'm our builder and swap out the DPS Huntress for a Builder Monk for Skyguard Towers & Serenity Auras on boss levels. So, my usual chokepoint setup is 1 spike blockade, 2x Flame tower, 1 PDT. I'll add a Skyguard at each air choke (usually 2-3 per map) and/or Ballistas when DU allows. When is Buff Aura better than the 2nd Flame Tower or even the Ballista? My builders are all in the iPwr 260-280 range (just into NM1). Thanks in advance.
  8. Okay, I found it. It's a different mode called Defense, rather than campaign. So, I was just missing it as I assumed. Still, not very intuitive. Is there a pop-up or tool-tip that suggests this when you finish the new campaign to point players in the right direction?
  9. Is that listed under a different game type only? Is there no replay of the campaign maps on NM1 difficulty, because if there is, I can't access it. Like I said, I can see NM difficulties on other game modes, like Onslaught, but not Campaign.
  10. Hi there, I recently returned to the game and was working my way through the quest chain before Tuesday's patch. I had completed the campaign but not the full list of additional quests. Post patch, all heroes in deck are level 50 (working as intended), but I can no longer access any campaign difficulty beyond Hard. In fact, I can't even see them. The right arrow when selecting difficulty just doesn't go past Hard, as if it is the last difficulty. I can select a few different versions of Nightmare on other game modes, or I can at least see them. I haven't actually tried them as I'm not well enough geared. I have taken two steps in an attempt to remedy this issue. One, I beat Harbinger on Hard. Since it gave me the option for "Next Level" at the end, I assumed the issue was resolved and returned to the tavern. No dice. I completed the one map (on Hard) that I had not completed before that's been added to the campaign (the second Spooky one). Still nothing. I suppose it may be a bug, but I suspect it's something I'm missing, but if so, it's not at all intuitive what I need to do next. Any suggestions would be welcome, and assuming it's not a bug, it might be worth implementing either a mouse-over tooltip on the difficulty arrow explaining what requirements are missing to proceed, or letting the difficulty selected (as previously) but showing the maps as locked until a certain requirement is met.
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