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  1. Will u refund the 100+ hours i lost in nm4 inc to get +5% passive totem with dh + hh instead of hero crit ? pls contact me at ineedgemsbcsibought2muchbags@gmail.com Why would they "refund" you? Also how do you refund time?
  2. This is not an "early game" issue. This was an issue solely based in the events in my opinion. Almost all the gear you get from the campaign, and free play*, is pretty close to the level you would be if you did every quest and mission. * With free play, if someone just completes the campaign and jumps into Freeplay - Hard Throne room and then complains about not being able to use the gear, I am sorry; but it is your fault. Do not play content above your level, it's that simple. Removing level restrictions would of allowed a level 1 character to be wearing level 50 gear because of the event
  3. Correction, 1 builder and no DPS class. You only get 1 hero.
  4. Snipped for readability. 1) What you are suggesting is not "a lot of work", it is an entirely different game. 2) Choosing a class for aesthetic purposes, is choosing a skin over a hero. Also having every hero be able to CC/Block/Damage would mean that every hero can bring every ability to every map, you are contradicting the whole argument you are trying to make. You are right, if every hero can bring everything, its not diversity, or customization, it is everyone using the same thing; but looking slightly different. 3) Again, you are arguing AGAINST yourself here. "If I just play all fo
  5. "and think they're better than everyone else." If only I could have a forum sig with that in it.
  6. It would be kind of cool if they had a light, medium, and heavy appearance for each skin but I don't see that happening...the armor didn't have appearences in dd1 and it was a great rpg none the less. I think it would be great if they brought back cosmetic slots, like they had in DD1 (Hats, mask, etc)
  7. Hey! So basically my idea is not all together an original or new idea. I purpose we have "locks" on difficulties, that you get by playing the previous difficulty. I've seen this mentioned several times but never as a thread of it's own. What I think should be added, is a system that locks all difficulties above what you have played. Sort of how Freeplay was locked until you beat the campaign. I am no purposing that a player must beat ALL content for EVERY difficulty, that would be hilariously tedious. What I think would be fair is that you are required 5 map completions on a difficulty to
  8. Hahaha this made me laugh. Google translate is actually pretty bad sometimes, especially in this case (it's actually not possible to understand the second and the third sentence, although the first one is understandable). But yeah, i got the meaning by reversing google translate's process (put your text in the french to english google translate). If you translate to French yourself, I will update the post ^^ I do not speak French and simply trying to help.
  9. Hi there! The first steps to do are verify your game cache via steam, try running as an administrator, and doing a full clean install. Also check that your graphics cards are up to date and what OS are you running? ^^
  10. Si je comprends bien , vous voulez dire qu'ils vont autour des murs ? Ceci est un peu sur le but. Vous devez large couverture suffisante des voies afin d' éviter ce ^^ Traduit par Google Translate
  11. But it limits the one person from being the best in every aspect. One person can't join in and have the best huntress traps, the best huntress dps, the best Squire defenses, the best mage towers, etc. That allows other people who have specialized in those areas feel like they are participating. Yes, if you look at it from the perspective of the players who are there to optimize everything rather than just playing in a laid back kind of way the hero deck is more or less just an annoyance to work around, but it prevents the more casual multiplayer from being taken over by a single person. Not to
  12. Not a bad idea, but then what loot do you give them? They have access to all the characters, making the game easier, therefore they shouldn't get as good loot; but then they'd complain because solo players can't get the best loot because of the hero deck system. Or give them equal loot, but then what is the point in having a hero deck if you can do the maps easier with no restrictions for the same loot?
  13. That's RNG for you =/ I have been farming them and I get some games where I get 2-3 and then go 5-6 games without.
  14. Unfortunately the only way currently to get around this is to keep on trying, as of yet there is no work-around, if I find one, I'll update this post for you ^^ Trendy is aware of the bug however, so a fix is on the way eventually ^^ From the Known Issues thread Matchmaking error when a player tries to join a friend via invite or join game attempt. (11417)
  15. I already tried validating the game cache and replacing icudt42.dll by hand but neither did work. The current OS on this PC is Vista 64bit. Hey there! So I am assuming you've tried the aforementioned ideas? Verifying the game cache, running as an admin, and a clean install?
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