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  1. At the very least we should get a portrait of our DD1 characters to hang on our tavern walls it wouldn't be difficult to figure out who should get one because there are various timestamped steam achievements to base it upon
  2. I want to see how this plays out. I certainly paid enough money for the first one
  3. You miss the decorated taverns? I miss the free holiday dlc. I mean they could have done something cool for the 4th of july actually why I came back this morning. surprised they didn't do anything.
  4. ugh haven't been able to get in from my macbook :( hopefully there will be some codes given in the last few minutes I'll try from my phone hahaha, didn't realize it was going to be a question and answer format. thought it was going to be random draw. no chance from my android phone :D
  5. I really liked the idea of using this feature in pure strat. I'm all for anything to make that mode more viable, actually.
  6. commish, i was under the assumption that it was a public game. if you have "friends" that do this, mh well, i think there's not much you can do. maybe password protect your games?!He unlocked it for a friend and forgot to relock it before starting the next public game. There's not really a good solution for what he described. A separate lobby would be cumbersome beyond belief. That was just plain user error and there isn't much anyone can do to prevent all sorts of similar mistakes.
  7. I forget how useful this would be to keyboard players because I use a controller. I agree this should be an option.
  8. I'd be happy just to get 23 more small eggs so I can get the skin before it's NLA :|
  9. it's usually in the root of your main drive (normally C). if you are not on a PC then this would be confusing but if you're on a PC then just open up your drive's root directory and you'll see it there. I don't have steam open at the moment but I think you can also right click on dungeon defenders in steam and go to the installation directory from there.
  10. I would like to hear your take on paying for food, which is a necessity, and you need it about every day. Do you protest outside grocery stores and gas stations?No, but I also don't buy eggs and milk for an extra dollar over the competition simply because it costs money to run a grocery store. I don't spend an extra $0.30 per gallon of gas at a station when I can just go across the street and get it for less.
  11. Im kind of working on a mod like what you see taking about. But it's slow as I'm still learning unreal script. Sent from my EVO 4g Well I don't actually know if this will work but one thing to consider is that when we play a nightmare round the stats are manipulated by some sort of multiplier. Being a multiplier means that anything other than zero would result in differences between the classes based on gear differences. Presumably that means one could change those multipliers to zero thereby rendering all players with equal stats (zero). *for starters* just to get it out there and see
  12. Are you still having trouble? I use a ps3 controller with windows 7
  13. I plug my controllers in via usb and use motionjoy to emulate an xbox controller
  14. Would Trendy or a modder make a game mode that defined stats for each class of DD to use in PvP? That would allow for variabilty without gear imbalances.
  15. I sometimes still think about how awesome a complete restart of the game would be. Remove all loot of every player, and rebalance the game from the ground up, meaning there's progression from hard campaign --> insane campaign --> nightmare campaign, where loot from the previous levels always help you on the next. Of course, it's near impossible to actually do this, with people having 1000's of hours in the game in extreme cases. Still, it would make me happy when it would actually happen. Making a sequel would be the easiest thing to do, of course, but wouldn't fix what's wrong with the
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