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  1. oh wow! nihlathak corpse explosion?
  2. do you want something like this ?
  3. sorry for out of topic, but your fissure made me remember this game
  4. my valley solo build - spam nimbus on the bridge (connect to the tree house) - put different type of wall in each lane (10 different defense) - put some flame aura in each spawn
  5. fyi Prove Your Mastery Rewards, Mastery I Winners, and Updated Schedule! We’re ecstatic that Mastery received a very positive reception! A majority of you enjoy the challenge it brings, and by overcoming these challenges you’ll be ready for what’s next. We received one specific bit of feedback about the ‘Prove Your Mastery’ progression event — the time it starts. Mastery II starts at 9 AM EDT on Wednesday, but the following Mastery unlocks (III through VII) begin on Saturday at 9 AM EDT of their respective weeks. Here’s the unlock schedule: Mastery I: October 11th (COMPLETE!) Mastery I
  6. forest biome - wall can be destroy put 2 different kind of wall + other defense in each lane, imbuing the fire shield helps a lot forgot ruin - wall cannot be destroy i dps in mid lanes and use the highest hp blockades in the other lanes non boss (left) lane use colossus boss (right) lane use maw boosted with boost blockade hp / health pylon / mcTreeBuff i managed to clean up the mid lane and rush to boss lane to repair wall and kill the last boss
  7. Malthius is a killer in many maps u need an extra wall in bastile u need to stay at core to kill skeletons summoned behind your defenses in throne room u need to kill it fast at spawn in speed run maps
  8. no towers maps are the easiest maps in c2 mastery just spam nimbus and gg
  9. yes it is if u don't own extra heroes (dryad, EV..) and those rare shards (range, power transer.. )
  10. i do feel it's just an event for those remote testing group members and premade if only top 10 are rewarded and u even cannot separate solo and team play from the leaderboard
  11. oh will #12 get top 10 reward this time as well ? haha !
  12. the bell is NOT an item in your inventory Just press cosmetic button > Flair tab > scroll down to belt section
  13. forget it, man the Asia server was originally located in Singapore when it's gone, it's gone and never come back
  14. yea adding EV2 as an additional hero to a game but prevent your players from using node defenses it's something ironic, isn't it ?
  15. it's much better than the mass destruction shard i have heard
  16. oh bug revived ? and you got a c8 weapon ? Wayfarer weapon scale on current best hero gear (Windows)
  17. so no point to farm missing shards atm ?
  18. i found it is very funny that many players like to mention this but for those strong players including myself will never say it, whahahaha thanks for reading my post
  19. the most ironic part is the mission name LET THEM EAT CAKE !!
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