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  1. Most people i know complaining about the game being too easy, began complaining months before AL was released. So not like the entire game was suddenly too easy simply because of a new OP character. Obviously it got much, much easier when AL came out, but thats just the tip of the iceberg rly, the game has needed proper difficulty for way too long now.
  2. ^this, no chance you're getting your spend gems back.
  3. Yes to adjustements on both Archers and PDT (and protons). Trendy breaking a promise to improve the game is perfectly fine in my book. This change is way better than no change to archers.
  4. Funny how Trendy then completely ignored that bug from when they accidently released the power up patch weeks back. PDT worked exactly the same back then as it does now and was also the only super OP buff at that time as well. Either way, trendy messed up big time on the PDT, no matter what intentions they had with it.
  5. Right up until the Power Up patch, crit dmg was tied to hero dmg in the way that he more hero dmg you had, the less crit dmg you dealt. But after this patch that doesnt seem to be the case for me (with gunwitch at least), i get WAY more crit dmg with full herodmg/crit dmg set than with AP/crit dmg set. So i have no idea how this crit dmg actually work in the game -.-
  6. As someone who have 3 of every single hero (except gunwitch) im a little baffled too :P Gunwitch litterally only have 1 build, most of her passives are terrible so they doesn't rly matter at all xD
  7. PDT's are broken as hell. They are not supposed to even stack up damage anymore, but because of the large sphere that increase stack cap on them, they bug out completely and get insane dps. This will probably get fixed sooner or later (prob later), so enjoy it while it lasts ;)
  8. Right after Gunwitch and EV that is ;)
  9. Tbh i think Geo was on to something really. Simply giving bonus xp for every hero you have max lvl. No cap on the bonus xp earned, not like that is unfair in any way for anyone. It's simply that the harder you work the better reward :) Obviously this does not make lvl'ing any more fun which is obviously preferable, but this just seems like a simple solution to a rather annoying issue.
  10. DP/DH has been the way to go for SA since forever basically :P Normally i just use them for PE, so it doesnt matter too much for me if i have a lot of DH or not. But if you really use the heal from the SA a lot, DH is super nice to have.
  11. Yeah monk dps is good if you stay in the same spot and spam into the ground, while all the other lanes just move on. Gunwitch is far superior dps now compared to monk. As Pandynator said, she even have higher raw dps than monk does.
  12. So... As most people already know the latest patch brought a ton of rly stupidly overpowered bugs and exploits with it. Now i am fully aware that bugs are to be expected with new patches and i don't rly have any issue with people abusing whatever exploit pops up with a patch, BUT i would absolutely hate to see the new revamp of enemies be completely nullified by exploits lingering from prior patches. So what i came here to say is that please Trendy, make absolutely sure that all the currently known overpowered exploits are gone by the time we get the revamp. Even if this means delaying the rev
  13. You know archers can proc the hero gold bonus sphere right? Just to make em even more OP. really? 100% on that? If they do thats yet another bug with the new patch, they used to proc it just like hearty harpoons used to, but trendy fixed that a while back so archers and harpoons couldnt proc it anymore. My archers never proc it even though i constantly use the sphere that should proc it, so i really doubt archers actually still proc gold drops.
  14. Well.... This patch is just like every other patch :D Funny thing is that trendy accidently released the re-balance of the 4 original heroes a while back and then took it back because "it wasnt tested enough".... And then this patch gets released and within the first few hours a ton of bugs and exploits pop up just like this patch weren't tested properly xD
  15. I'm one of those "don't build anything!!!!" guys even tho i only put walls down, cause ya know, might as well farm some gold while farming gear and towers will ruin that sweet, sweet gold farm :P Obviously i never lose though, cause who does that? ;)
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