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  1. Hi! I believe that many would agree with me that increasing enemy health (only) is the wrong way to increase difficulty. In my opinion, it's much more fun to actually challenge the core tactics of the map, like some challenge modes are doing. With the big revamp coming in the future, and I really hope this will make things better, I believe everyone wants that. But one idea came to me and I just have to share it with the community, no matter if it's a good, bad or completely horrible idea: What if Trendy implemented something like a slider for the amount of DU you have available at the map, and increasing the chances of higher ipwr drop the lower the DU is. For example at 50% normal DU the map would be a lot harder but not in the way we are used to. You have to choose wisely with defenses to use, and what dps-heroes to bring. But as a reward, increased chances of getting higher ipwr (within the same range as before). Would it work, or be completely broken? Would people go with 0% DU and only DPS just to get good loot? (If so, could there be a good way to make sure this don't work) I believe in this idea, but I do need help to either make a really good suggestion out of it, or to prove me completely wrong in all the ways you can come up with, be it tactics, coding etc. Let's help Trendy with ideas :)
  2. I've just come back to this game, a few days ago, and on my second map I got the Toxic Shock bow. (in case someone doesn't know what it does; increase damage of poison dart towers by X%, if poisoned enemy dies it explodes for Y% of Defense Power, Z radius) What I find way too strong is that the explosion itself applies the exact same Dot which triggers the explosion, and this seems to have no limit creating a sort of chain reaction. I'm not near endgame, I just got to lvl 40 but so far I've done every level (except Betsy and Harbinger) with only one of these towers on each lane together with some kind of blockade. Do they fall of in strength late game or do Toxic Shock need balancing?
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