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  1. Do c7 zappers not disable Flamethrowers and ramsters? they do :D, they even try to destroy them entirely, gobu. I thought so. much <3
  2. Do c7 zappers not disable Flamethrowers and ramsters?
  3. There have been no uses for the grounded ranged dragons in chaos yet to my knowledge. So me and couple of my friends thought that for c8 that if you were to treat the dragon much like the Djynn from DD1 Where they can slowly drain the life from both towers and auras. (not like the Debuff mole) I would also like to see a combination of both zappers and Emp orcs so that we have to balance builds with auras and towers this would bring more diversity to build and increase difficulty. It may even require that we play as a 4 man team as most lanes would have to be covered
  4. well i focused on monk mainly. and i went from 3.5 million dps to 1.5 without firey brim. Kobold still sustains my dps but the damage reduction dosnt help with rollers especially as the Chi kick has a cooldown timer
  5. My Dps has been lowered by at least half due to Firey brimstones change. Whilst some people still have lightning touch please re-release it! I need it <3 luc
  6. Ive got two of them they seem to have elemental on them fire and electric 2.5s to 3proj is the best ive been able to attain
  7. Chi supercharge? where do i get it from and there are more?
  8. Anyone seen the new weapons or am i Imagining that trendy said they'd be there?
  9. Pets abilities and stats need to work off multipliers of your stats so that they progress to the same extent of your characters and ascension
  10. We should be Able to change the name of our characters after you made them because i currently have the pain of 3 summoners all named the same because my game bugged out and wouldn't let me change there name.
  11. Apparently NM4 betsy polearm gives you 20 storm dmg.???? is this a bug or meant to be in this game.
  12. Does Betsys' curse affect purge percentage?
  13. I'd assume so, but it'd be rather dangerous to have your archers that close to the enemy. I place my frosties carefully xD
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