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  1. I did try discord, they pointed me at Support ...
  2. still awaiting support from CG ...
  3. Hi, My additional kickstarter keys are currently unusable and have not received any help from support in the last 2 weeks. Is there any way to escalate this further? Support Ticket #33234 Cheers
  4. welp they did it. Whilst they technically did not wipe our progress, they effectively wiped it or split the community. Goodbye DDA, was fun whilst it lasted. Last time I support this studio...
  5. the post is so incoherent that even the quote tool doesn't know how/what to quote. Apologies for being unable to parse your message; and once more if I misconstrued your latest post (albeit hard to do so as I'm not sure what to construe it as to begin with). I'll grant you that the OP referred to a "laggy marketplace" instance, but fail to see how the protean solution could alleviate that in any way - perhaps you meant it as a cheeky response and not with any ernesty. T'was perhaps lost on me. I'm still unsure if the instance lag or the UI lag contributed more to the mistake/misclick - as I've fallen afoul of that myself on many an occasion.
  6. dafuq does lag have to do with it? Albeit, maybe you're referring to the interface lag when doing consecutive actions with dialog-boxes / pop-ups (which is ffin horrendous). :shrug:
  7. This guy is so hardcore. Teach me senpai. EDIT: In before - back in mah day, we had to walk uphill backwards! Git off mah lawn you yungins/whippersnappers/ingrates!
  8. There's a stupidly simple fix: Remove the Expedition Climb from AP. From AP#1 make the starting floor Onslaught 27-30 (can't recall which one is C7). Remove the Gear & Shard Reset from AP. If needed, add a Gold + Mats cost for every AP reset. You still get the challenge from Climbing Onslaught Floors. You get to keep the Gold & Mats sink. You remove the massively negative connotation of invalidating all the gear collected so far. The only downside to this is that it removes the influx of people in lower Onslaught floors / Expedition Tiers (IMHO good riddance). I honestly have no idea why this hasn't been executed.
  9. switch to NA servers, it's better than EU. Note: this doesn't eliminate the lag, it just 'improves' it :/
  10. stop stealing muh ideas! (source: previously linked post from Nov '18). j/k it's a fairly trivial idea to come up with and I love that you like it too! Ah, if only TE/CG had moar resources :/
  11. malf

    2nd reset

    not gonna lie, I'm lovin' this discussion and suggestions now! Those are especially some pretty badass designs! <3
  12. malf

    2nd reset

    I don't believe you can reach extremely high onslaught floors without the added benefit of resetting. Your statement is wholly contingent on what you define as "everything in DD2". I strongly suspect that the answer to that is highly subjective to the type of player.
  13. malf

    2nd reset

    hehe, nps. Anytime for a fellow defender. Especially the OG Monk! Still recall reusing a lot of your monk strats back in the day!
  14. malf

    2nd reset

    To upgrade any piece of gear: Weapon, Armor, or Relic; you need a combination of: Resources: Gold or Def. Medals Mats: Chaos & Gear-Specific Mats Additionally, if the upgrade will advance the gear item from 1 chaos level to another (e.g. Chaos 1 -> Chaos 2), you also need the target Chaos specific item (relic/token?). More info: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Tinker_Materials
  15. malf

    2nd reset

    Every time you AP Reset: All gear across all characters and inventory or vault slots will be reset to campaign level (including the mods in them). All unguilded shards will be reset to the base level. Your ascension rank will be reset to your minimum ascension level and all characters will have their ascension point allocation refunded. All gear in your player shop will be removed (and returned to your inventory for free) and reset to campaign level. For 1st AP Reset Gild as Many Shards as you deem 'important' Collect up Gold and Mats resources to quicken following resets Push as high in Onslaught as you feel comfortable to increase your Talent Caps and Minimum Ascension. Common breakpoints: Floor ~50: unlocks minimum Ascension 250+, so that you never need to farm ascension in order to reset. Floor 100: arbitrary initial high number Floor ~273: close to max (999) Talent Caps unlocked and ~3000 minimum Ascenscion unlocked (can cap a 999 power in every Ascension tree) Floor 600: ~6000 minimum Ascension (can cap 2x 999 power in every tree - e.g. Hero HP & Hero Dmg, or 2 defenses, etc.) For Subsequent AP Resets Reset as quickly as possible. Each reset will: Min: increase the Onlsaught floor you can start on (you will either need to upgrade your gear with mats, get carried, or use your ascension to get to you clear higher floors. This will increase all the way to floor 50 and for some initial resets this might not happen. Target: increase the Onslaught floor you need to reach (starting with 30). This will increase all the way to floor 80 for some initial resets this might not happen. Just open up your 'Power' screen from the inventory and you will see the Target onslaught floor you need to reach. (Assuming your minimum ascension is higher than 250, you can forget about this requirement). (Optional Onslaught Push) After 10-20+ resets, you might decide to consildate your gear, shards, gold, etc. and push to a new Onslaught Floor breakpoint. For Subsequent/Remaining AP Resets There are currently ~70 odd AP Resets you can do to unlock all available Ancient Powers. I think you might be able to get even more resets to increase the GOLD/XP % boosts, but the AP points will be wasted. Final Onslaught Push #3, #4, can be repeated often before going for #5
  16. malf

    2nd reset

    Join public groups to get carried (at least partway) Use the Discord LFG channel to search for people climbing the same floors and team up Create a spreadsheet of mats/resources you will need and spend time farming / purchasing them beforehand to create a cache. GRIND BABY, GRIND!
  17. long time ago I already gave a random idea on how to achieve something similar: :)
  18. There's a fair bit of hyperbole here... Personally, I haven't reset yet, and above floor 200 i often have to retry every single wave. The challenge is there, if you want it. That said, it can be quite painful to get to that point of challenge (and mayhaps extremely so if you've already done certain things in the game). Additionally, just because you CAN win with a simplistic setup, doesn't mean that's the only way to play the game. By virtue of making things easier, a lot more builds and variety of defense setups are 'viable' during the initial climb. Caveat 1 Granted, once you start to hit the proverbial ceiling, you will more or less get pigeonholed into some sort of meta-build (revolving around heavy CC - but they're now opening this up further via different flavors of 'cc'). I'm glad that due to the power creep the game is not centered around catering to the top percent of onslaught climbers. I sincerely hope it never goes back to that. Caveat 2 Just because a lot more variety is possible in the mid-game, it doesn't mean that the setup of the game or the mindset of all players will gravitate towards this. The way AP resets are structured (especially the first few), it forces players to try to focus on as few defenses as possible - the resource costs are otherwise quite prohibitive. Additionally, for those players that are lazy (and there's a fair few), it's easier to just adopt the meta that requires the least effort. Nevertheless, the fact that the choice exists in the mid-game, even if masses ignore the choice, is (IMO) a fantastic thing. TL;DR: i disagree with wanting to make the game hard and reduce the power creep. I'd prefer more intelligent solutions for improving on gameplay variety, increasing the amount of content available, and making the challenging aspect of the game more accessible.
  19. these ppl know their stuffz!
  20. now we're getting to the real issue. I too agree wholeheartedly with this. The journey to get to the point that is fun is itself not optimized for a large variety of the playerbase (IMO). It's also possibly a hard problem to solve.
  21. What i'd love to see (just me being greedy mayhaps) is the following (in addition to existing Cosmetic & Mananode rewards): Every 50 floors: choose from either one of random amount of mod reroll tokens bundle random crafting resource bundle random gold cache Every 100 floors: choose from either one of specific 10/10 relic specific weapon specific <insert-item-locked-behind-RNG>
  22. It's actually 156%, if comparing against 60%. i.e. a 156% dmg increase with 2x 60% dmg increase mods stacked multiplicatively. Otherwise it's 160% effective damage that should be compared to 256% effective damage. (effective-damage is not the appropriate term, but too lazy to recall a better one)
  23. To be most efficient, you want to stack Anti servos together, as they stack multiplicatively. Example: max Anti-melee: 60% dmg increase max Anti-chaos: 60% dmg increase Additive: 1 + (0.6 + 0.6) = 2.2 := 120% dmg increase Multiplicative: 1 * 1.6 * 1.6 = 2.56 := 156% dmg increase versus max Power server: + ~8k DP := 8 / 60* = 0.133... := ~14%** dmg increase * discounting Ancient Powers or Talent Cap increase, overall relic defense is ~52k whilst using Destruction shard - I'm using 60k as a random higher baseline. ** I have a strong feeling that this number is too low and I've messed up my calculation somehow. But I'm fairly certain that even if it's wrong, the overall conclusion is still accurate. Additionally, for any defense that can be affected by a disable (Cybork / Frost Orc), a 10/10 tenacity becomes extremely useful. Alternatively, you can also utilize the Automation Hypershard (from the final hypershard reward in Mastery mode) to have the same effect as a 10/10 tenacity on a c8 mod/relic (disable protection is 'only' 95% on a 10/10 c7 mod/relic).
  24. IDD; 'rebalancing' everything just to 'enable' one type of defense is without a doubt a strange proposal, IMO. Buff walls and leave existing defenses intact. If walls were buffed to be a completely viable primary strat for Hardened / Unstoppable / Boss lanes then I can get behind that change. Changing the entire current playstyle and setup of existing defenses to make walls viable everywhere seems ridiculous. Whilst not optimal, walls are completely viable (read: effective) until floor 50ish - at least they were prior to their DU buffs and usage of dedicated wall mods. (source: I used them). They would most problably be viable now till even higher. Note: not efficient, just viable. Unless you're pushing floors, viability is all that counts for variety. Anything else is just an argument for catering to laziness. Regarding the action part: I find myself needing to be intensenly active past floor 100 (note: no Ancient Power resets so far), and more so in the following scenarios: Lost Temple / Drakenfrost Multiplayer Post a few gilded shards and semi-optimal modding, you may bump that up to post floor 160 instead. I fully expect that the threshold to where I need to be more action-oriented will increase once I: AP reset and unlock higher talent caps AP reset multiple and activate defense Powers optimize the mods on my relics more (RNG/resources permitting) I may / may-not also not strictly adhere to 'pure' meta build strategies; as I care more about having fun via a combination of variety and build setups that I create myself. This can totally lead to making the game feel more action-oriented for me than you. YMMV. TL;DR: $#@$#@ massive rebalances and/or power nerfs. I'd rather they buff than nerf.
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