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  1. wait, does that mean Summoner & Spider Minions incoming? o.0o.0o0o.0 INB4 Archer Minion with Buff Beam meta
  2. $#@$@#$ SPIDERLINGS ... noooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOO
  3. T'was a tongue in cheek response ... I'm personally not currently concerned either way. Raise cap? Woohoo! Don't raise cap? Woohoo! Raise Capt'n America from the Dead (old age?)? WOO HOO, HIPPIDY HEY!
  4. Could we have sorting settings persist just like filtering does? Currently, if you close the inventory the selected filters persist when you re-open, even after swapping chars, but the selected sort type is reset. Am I missing something? BTW, thanks a million for allowing swapping of chars at the inventory, definitely alleviates some of this problem.
  5. new name: Can't Swap Fozzie just kidding, please don't murder me :D
  6. anyone have clarification on the effect the Darkness Trap has on non-ogre mobs? (beyond elemental immunity stripping, if any) My assumptions: Goblin: nada Orcs: nada Kobolds: nada Archers: forces them to move into melee range? Necro Mages: forces them to move into melee range? Dark Elf Warriors: forces them to aggro onto defenses (if nearby) and not jump around like wild cockatoos?
  7. Finally leveled extras for each character class, so as to build a DPS of each type. Fairly straight forward to build Apprentice, Monk, Huntress and I found the following (all with Cat pet btw): Apprentice: Highest Unbuffed DPS (pure sustain) [pure attack power build] Monk: Highest Self-Buffed DPS [mixed boost/attack power build] Huntress: Highest Buffed DPS (self buff + monk buff = AMG BURST) [pure attack power build] Squire OTOH, seems quite poo, comparatively. The high DMG reduction with upgrading blocking seems interesting (IF WE HAD A TAUNT). Anyways, has anyone built a Squire DPS? If so, what would you recommend in terms of dumping stat points?
  8. now the 1% are a problem in DDA as well! FML
  9. First part aimed at CG and the debacle of the latest patch (shit happens, np). Please be more forthcoming here (forums) on what's happening. It's great that you reverted the patch ASAP, but a short post confirming that would've been much appreciated. If Discord should instead be the only avenue for this, I understand (disagree, but understand). Overcommunicating helps :). second part aimed at (some) parts of the community, regarding the hostile responses to people posting here. Yes, sometimes people posting are emotional, especially when they run into aspects of the games development that are frustrating or that invalidate the time they've spent. Yes, I understand that we should push these folks into being more considerate/civil, but that needs to start with all of us. Downright dismissal of people's frustrations can be extremely toxic to a healthy community. Feel free to disagree. (Caveat: hostility towards folks that are just being straight up assholes or trolls is warranted) Happy grinding fellow defenders!
  10. Hero Stats Vitality: increases the HP of your hero Attack: increases the primary attack (left/right-click) of your hero. May also effect some hero abilities. Agility: increases the movement speed and jump height of your hero. Hard Cap at 100 (afaik). Casting: increases the speed at which defenses can be placed/repaired. May also increase the speed at which some abilities cast (or recharge?). Skill: increases the effectiveness of the first ability of your hero (e.g. Monk's Tower Boost, Squire's Spin Attack) Boost: increases the effectiveness of the second ability of your hero (e.g. Monk's Hero Boost, Squire's Enrage) Tower Stats Fortify: increases the HP of your defenses Power: increases the damage of your defenses Range: increases the range of your defenses D(efense) Rate: increases the attack speed of your defenses there's another thread where some folks compiled a google-doc for the scaling of each of these values (albeit I'm not sure how accurate it is)
  11. individual sell is pointless when you have loads of pages worth of items. If loot was scarce and we would pick up only a handful of high quality items, then individual sell would be useful. I'm sure it's still useful in the early game, for people getting introduced to the game mechanics and loot (or for those that want to waste inordinate amounts of time with Inventory Management), but for the rest of us it's additional clicks for no reason. If filtering/sorting was better implemented, along with advanced options for auto looting, then sure, maybe sell all could be used to sell everything everywhere. In the current state it's just an additional burden on the grinding player. YMMV.
  12. only if CG doesn't care about good UX. ^^ Soup summed it up nicely.
  13. at least for me, whenever I hit Sell All, it ignores the Filters and sells ALL unlocked items. This was not happening yesterday :/.
  14. thanks, but this is only half the picture :). A perfect representation of half it tho; Thanks a LOT for sharing this! Conclusion: For melee attacks, Melee Damage upgrades scale MUCH better than Elemental Damage upgrades. What's missing here is a comparison of Ranged Damage upgrades v/s Elemental Damage :). For comparison, my ranged damaged (right-click) does ~280k dps with a weapon that's 9825 PWR (39/39 upgrades) all into Ranged Damage; with the ALT Attack at 4x 2494. This is further complicated because my char has an Attack value of 291 and I have 4 projectiles - compared to your X Attack value and 2 projectiles. BTW, I also believe that based on this information that generally the Ranged Attack (ALT Attack) scales better than the Melee Attack for a Monk; especially with maxed out Projectile Count. => Doesn't help if only half your projectiles hit the target, but does also make you more versatile (e.g. Anti Air)
  15. amg Soup, you is da bestest!
  16. don't have the cash yet to try it out myself, but has anyone tested the following: for apprentice/huntress/right-click monk: upgrading Ranged Damage v/s Elemental Damage for melee monk/squire: upgrading Melee Damage v/s Elemental Damage just looking at the effect of upgrades, it looks like the raw values of Elemental Damage scale higher than the values for Ranged / Melee Damage. Something like 200 --> 3000 for ranged/melee damage v/s 200 --> 6000 for elemental damage (numbers are from memory so not exact) I know projectile count on apprentice is imba (like most locked upgrades).
  17. just did Royal Gardens, 1st map in Act 3, on insane survival. First time using only Darkness + Gas and it worked like a charm! Thanks for the responses. Gonna try Promenade next.
  18. mayhaps this is a stupid question, but are both needed on a lane (str drain for mobs, darkness for orgres) or would a darkness suffice also for mobs?
  19. managed a full run through by dropping the following settings: shadows to LOW post-processing to HIGH volumetric-fog to DISABLED lens-flare to LOW bloom-quality to LOW really not sure which (if any) had a positive effect, but just completed a 25/25 insane survival without an issue. YMMV. I'll run a few more over the next few days and see if it's stable now. also, been using Flame Burst with Darkness + Gas only already, I hope they're not the cause.
  20. Any tips / suggestions welcome! I'm lvl 66 and grinding Insane survival for lewts, but my game seems to regularly crash randomly between wave 14 and wave 20. I've only done a few minor tweaks to my graphics settings so far (mostly shadows) but I do play in windowed mode and tend to be alt-tabbed to my web browser quite often. Wanted to check here for possible suggestions before I continue tweaking my graphical settings. Thanks!
  21. really like the selling, locking, and filtering suggestions added here! Upvote from me :) More suggestions from me: autolooting rules per character (could tie-in to character specific folders) - especially relevant when setting to autoloot upgrades only search bar for the inventory? IDK, might be too weird to have text-based searches (albeit, this could become quite complex and cool) remove the "sort by new" and just highlight 'new' items with a glowing border
  22. It would be fantastic to have the following aspects of inventory management addressed: Allow switching of characters at the inventory screen Remember Sorting type, akin to Filter setups Ideally, memorize Sorting type and Filters on a per Character basis
  23. the post is so incoherent that even the quote tool doesn't know how/what to quote. Apologies for being unable to parse your message; and once more if I misconstrued your latest post (albeit hard to do so as I'm not sure what to construe it as to begin with). I'll grant you that the OP referred to a "laggy marketplace" instance, but fail to see how the protean solution could alleviate that in any way - perhaps you meant it as a cheeky response and not with any ernesty. T'was perhaps lost on me. I'm still unsure if the instance lag or the UI lag contributed more to the mistake/misclick - as I've fallen afoul of that myself on many an occasion.
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