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  1. I did try discord, they pointed me at Support ...
  2. Hi, My additional kickstarter keys are currently unusable and have not received any help from support in the last 2 weeks. Is there any way to escalate this further? Support Ticket #33234 Cheers
  3. welp they did it. Whilst they technically did not wipe our progress, they effectively wiped it or split the community. Goodbye DDA, was fun whilst it lasted. Last time I support this studio...
  4. the post is so incoherent that even the quote tool doesn't know how/what to quote. Apologies for being unable to parse your message; and once more if I misconstrued your latest post (albeit hard to do so as I'm not sure what to construe it as to begin with). I'll grant you that the OP referred to a "laggy marketplace" instance, but fail to see how the protean solution could alleviate that in any way - perhaps you meant it as a cheeky response and not with any ernesty. T'was perhaps lost on me. I'm still unsure if the instance lag or the UI lag contributed more to the mistake/misclick - as
  5. dafuq does lag have to do with it? Albeit, maybe you're referring to the interface lag when doing consecutive actions with dialog-boxes / pop-ups (which is ffin horrendous). :shrug:
  6. This guy is so hardcore. Teach me senpai. EDIT: In before - back in mah day, we had to walk uphill backwards! Git off mah lawn you yungins/whippersnappers/ingrates!
  7. There's a stupidly simple fix: Remove the Expedition Climb from AP. From AP#1 make the starting floor Onslaught 27-30 (can't recall which one is C7). Remove the Gear & Shard Reset from AP. If needed, add a Gold + Mats cost for every AP reset. You still get the challenge from Climbing Onslaught Floors. You get to keep the Gold & Mats sink. You remove the massively negative connotation of invalidating all the gear collected so far. The only downside to this is that it removes the influx of people in lower Onslaught floors / Expedition Tiers (IMHO good ridda
  8. switch to NA servers, it's better than EU. Note: this doesn't eliminate the lag, it just 'improves' it :/
  9. stop stealing muh ideas! (source: previously linked post from Nov '18). j/k it's a fairly trivial idea to come up with and I love that you like it too! Ah, if only TE/CG had moar resources :/
  10. not gonna lie, I'm lovin' this discussion and suggestions now! Those are especially some pretty badass designs! <3
  11. I don't believe you can reach extremely high onslaught floors without the added benefit of resetting. Your statement is wholly contingent on what you define as "everything in DD2". I strongly suspect that the answer to that is highly subjective to the type of player.
  12. hehe, nps. Anytime for a fellow defender. Especially the OG Monk! Still recall reusing a lot of your monk strats back in the day!
  13. To upgrade any piece of gear: Weapon, Armor, or Relic; you need a combination of: Resources: Gold or Def. Medals Mats: Chaos & Gear-Specific Mats Additionally, if the upgrade will advance the gear item from 1 chaos level to another (e.g. Chaos 1 -> Chaos 2), you also need the target Chaos specific item (relic/token?). More info: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Tinker_Materials
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